Jovial Foods offers organic gluten-free pasta and cookies.  Finding healthy gluten-free foods shouldn't be a struggle.  Jovial takes simple, organic ingredients and turns them into healthy, wholesome foods you feel great serving to the family.

Our brown rice pasta is made by pasta artisans who have been making gluten-free pasta for over 45 years. Their timeless techniques and Old World Traditions that they use to make the pasta, such as slow drying and pulling the pasta through bronze dies, is what gives jovial pasta that wheat-like taste and texture.   All of Jovial's pasta is made with just organic brown rice flour and water, with the exception of the egg tagliatelle- one of the only organic gluten-free egg tagliatelle on the market! Jovial also just recently added three new pasta shapes: Brown Rice Elbows, Brown Rice Farfalle and Brown Rice Manicotti.  Jovial also carries gluten-free cookies,  glass-packed tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil that are all certified gluten-free!

Jovial Foods, 100 % Organic, Brown Rice and Gluten-Free PastaAs parents whose child struggled with gluten sensitivities, Carla and Rodolfo, the founders of Jovial Foods, only create products that they feel safe giving to their daughters, which is why so much thought is put into the making of these products starting from the seed.

To encourage gluten-free cooking and baking, jovial also does Culinary Getaways in Italy, where Carla herself teaches a number of hands-on classes to the guests.  It's a great opportunity to cook authentic Italian food- without the gluten, but with all the flavor!

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