Gluten Free Therapeutics, a line of scientifically formulated supplements designed specifically for those suffering from the debilitating effects of celiac disease and those who have chosen a gluten-free lifestyle. Committed to the highest quality products on the market, company founders developed Body Heath and Blood Health supplements with the most efficacious and safe gluten-free ingredients available and worked with highly respected formulators to source the finest ingredients available today.

Gluten-Free TherapeuticsAccording to company Principal and President Leigh Reynolds, plans for the line were set into motion by her daughter’s celiac diagnosis over eight years ago and is dedicated to all those who share the debilitating effect of gluten intolerance, one of the fastest growing conditions in the world today.

“As a mother, when your child is sick, you’ll take drastic measures to find the right food, medication or treatment to make them well, said Reynolds. “My background in the
pharmaceutical industry merged with my empathy for my daughter and those like her made me a very tenacious creator."

For those living with celiac disease, the nutritional challenges are clear. While almost everything in the gluten diet—dairy, bread, most processed foods--is fortified with vitamins and minerals that help balance the diet and give us the nutrients we need to live healthfully, gluten-free foods are manufactured differently and don’t offer those same fortifications. As a result, celiacs (and those on a gluten free diet by choice) are missing out on some important nutrients. CeliVites are formulated to fill that nutritional gap.

The staff at Gluten Free Therapeutics is uniquely qualified to develop and market this line of premium quality supplements. They are proud to serve the gluten free and celiac communities and help them find robust health with a gluten free diet and CeliVites.

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