"Nearly 30% of Americans avoid gluten to improve their overall health", according to one poll(1). Gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, spelt and barley, can cause health and mental symptoms in kids with genetic issues or immune sensitivities. There are ways to help such as choosing a gluten free lifestyle. Did you know there is also a new line of supplements to help too? BIORAY Kids™ support healthy organ function and remove toxins.

Undigested Food and Malabsorption
A major issue with children that have gluten sensitivities is they are prone to malabsorption of nutrients and ‘leaky gut’(2). This is when undigested food particles, bacteria, toxins and other waste leak into their bloodstream, and congest their organs. It’s no wonder kids get so irritable, have tummy aches or skin issues and experience brain fog; they are nutrient deficient and full of toxins!

BIORAY Kids Formulas Support Healthy, Happy Kids
Each BIORAY Kids™ product contains Natural Detox Factors (NDF®). The main ingredient is micronized chlorella that sticks to toxins and carries them safely out of the body. Research shows chlorella, significantly reduces leaky gut, and avoids gut flora and toxins from leaking into the bloodstream(3). NDF® is a rich source of nutrients too!

BIORAY KidsIn addition to NDF®, each BIORAY Kids™ formula contains a unique blend of herbs and probiotic lysates to address specific issues. These formulas can be used individually or all together.

  • NDF CALM™ - For children who are grumpy, can’t sleep, easily frustrated or anxious.
  • NDF SHINE™ - For kids who have a nervous stomach, bowel issues, who are non-social or have delayed speech.
  • NDF FOCUS™ - For kids who have problems focusing, brain fog, lack of energy, or seasonal histamine responses.
  • NDF HAPPY™ - For children who have unreasonable anger, itchy rectums, crave sugar or grind their teeth at night.

For more info visit their site: bioraykids.com



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