When you get the awful news that a loved one is impacted with a diagnosis such as celiac disease you want to do everything in your power to help them! So when one of my family members was diagnosed with celiac, I made it my personal goal to learn everything I could about the disease. I also looked for ways that I could help my family member and anyone else that was affected in the world with the same diagnosis.

As a chemist, I'd always wanted to start my own line of health and natural beauty products that could help aide in the overall well-being of individuals. I envisioned creating products everyone could use, without sacrificing quality or price - products that avoided the use of harsh chemicals and abrasives. My dream was manifested in the form of SprinJene Toothpaste, a product I launched after years of research and development. SprinJene is the only toothpaste certified in all four of the following categories, gluten-free, vegan, halal and kosher that is available on the market.

While toothpaste is not ingested in large quantities, some will always remain in the mouth after brushing. For individuals with celiac, even a little bit of gluten – a protein found in many grains including wheat – can be harmful. Most people do not realize that in some toothpastes gluten can be used as a stabilizer, binder or thickener. SprinJene's products are certified gluten-free by the International Certification Services (ICS). This means that an ICS representative visits our production facility and thoroughly inspects all aspects of our operation to ensure that all our ingredients are certified gluten free, from the sourcing of ingredients and materials to the production process itself, this allows us to adhere to strict gluten-free guidelines. In addition, all the toothpaste formulas are tested after they are produced to make certain that they totally gluten free before the product hits the shelves of stores. Our commitment to quality and purity is second to none.

I invite you to visit SprinJene's website to learn how we're redefining oral care excellence. 

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Dr. Sayed Ibrahim is founder and CEO of SprinJene Toothpaste.

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