Mix 1 package of Pamela's Pecan Shortbread cookies, crushed, with 1/4 C margarine or butter, melted. Press into a 9" pie pan. Preheat oven to 350 and bake this crust only for about 5 minutes if using a pumpkin pie filling. Cool. Pour in the filling, cover the edge of the crust with foil, and bake according to your pie filling instructions.

I had extremely poor success previously, both with a conventional gluten-free pie crust, and even a purchased frozen gluten-free pie crust. Both were so
tough they could not be cut with a knife! So this Thanksgiving, I tried two pies, one with the above crust of my invention, and the second on with crust made from almond meal from a recipe found online. The almond meal crust was okay, but the crumb crust made with Pamela's pecan shortbread cookies was "to die for." My son is 22 and he was very disappointed when this pie got gobbled up so fast. He said that it was the first pie crust he'd ever liked enough to eat it all of the crust. This was absolutely wonderful for pumpkin pie!

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