Your approach, attitude and degree of personal commitment to lifelong dietary restrictions is so important. You can make protecting your intestinal health a positive and creative experience rather than getting mired in regret or resentment over having to sacrifice certain foods. I have always viewed my diet as the glass more than half full and made every effort to maximize the appeal of permitted food. think my diet is fun and am not ashamed to say so! The most difficult part of following a regime for celiac has
not been about the food, but about having to answer questions and give explanations to the curious and let's face it, food is usually a chosen topic of conversation. People also try and anticipate what you do eat and start making so many well meaning suggestions. When you figure it happens at least once a day and I've been at this for 3,000, well it's exhausting. My best defense is pointing out that my physical age is probably twenty years less than my chronological age. When I bring one of my homemade concoctions to a family gathering, I often anticipate rejection, but it always turns out that the gluten food I bring becomes a favorite with the "civilians"" and I have to scramble to ensure there is is a portion for me.

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