Hello Everyone!  I was diagnosed with celiac disease about six months ago or so.  I was doing well.  I felt a lot better right away.  Then in August I messed up a number of times by eating out.  Now I have been very strict.  Although still a learning curve with hidden gluten/cross contamination.  My number went from 37 to 10. 

 My thing is I have been getting very nauseous for about a month now.  My GI doc thinks it is because I still have gluten in my system (the number being 10 still).  Prior to being diagnosed nausea wasn't the problem.  It was bloating, cramps, bowel issues, migraines (side note: migraines are gone!).  But now I am nauseous daily.  I had bloodwork and an ultrasound done for gall stones, liver and pancreas and all was fine.  It doesn't seem to matter what I eat.  It is usually after lunch, and I normally eat salad, meat and veggies, banana and almonds.   Today I had no lunch and had coffee with milk and I suffering bad with nausea, sweating and headaches.  I don't seem to have trouble with milk but maybe I do.

I am just wondering what other celiacs would have to say.  I am committed to doing this, I just wish I would start feeling better. Any advice is appreciated.

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