Rice has a reputation as a super food.

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet excludes rice for adults. Children with weak digestive systems or Autism Spectrum Disorder should avoid rice.

In her book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle,"  Elaine Gottschall quotes Juliano (1972) "Some kinds of rice contain small amounts of amylopectin starch and large amounts of amylose starch, other types contain only amylopectin starch."

Rice is a grain which contains anti-nutrients. A portion of the grain's seed system is for preserving the ability to sprout until conditions are right. "Anti-nutrients" in whole grains contain irritating tannins and complex sugars which the body has difficulty breaking  down.

Rice also contains enzyme inhibitors which affect digestion and put stress on the pancreas. A weak digestive system is unable to properly process complex sugars like those found in rice and cannot utilize them. Unused carbohydrates are food and fuel for