I recently saw a post on Facebook in the Celiac Global Guide group about "meat glue."

It told celiacs to beware if you are eating meat because you are most likely, directly digesting transglutaminase (meat glue.) It may be one way that harmful stuff is getting into your system and why you may not be recovering 100% even if you are being careful about gluten. Unfortunelty, the meat industry is protected. They do not need to list this as an ingredient. This enzyme has been approved for use in the United States, Japan and most European countries.

This white powder called "meat glue" makes scraps of beef, lamb, chicken, and fish stick together so closely that it looks like a solid piece of meat.

Everyone believes if you eat gluten free and have fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, and fish you will get healthier. Well, this new secret may be the exact reason why celiacs are not getting better. In fact, this may be a cause for celiacs developing colon cancer and other auto-immune diseases.

Going vegetarian or vegan if possible might be a safer bet if you can. If you continue to eat meat I personally would go organic, antibiotic and hormone free. And maybe even stick to chop meat. There is nothing to glue there to begin with.

Check out this exclusive for yourself here for more detailed information:

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