My journey with celiac began a year ago...I have been sick all my life and doctors just couldn't figure out why I was having such severe abdominal pain and bloating. Until last September, I just couldn't take it anymore.

I went in for an ultrasound of my gallbladder and a hida-scan. My gallbladder was not failing to the point where they normally remove it. So, we ignored the pain. Until one night, after eating dinner, I ended up in the emergency room.

My doctor decided to send me in for a colonoscopy, EGD and biopsies to check for ulcers. I was cleared of ulcers, so we went ahead and removed my gallbladder.

A week later, my biopsy results had come in and suggested we get some lab work ran to check for celiac disease.  My results came back over 100% positive.

I started the gluten-free diet after meeting with a dietician, and still have not started feeling better! In July my doctor wanted to do a Capsule Endoscopy to check for cancer and lymphomas. My insurance would not approve this without another blood test for celiac disease. When I got the results back, they were negative. My doctor explained that I have been following the diet extremely well, and we needed to rule the serious stuff out.

My insurance approved the capsule endoscopy and when the results came in, my doctor said everything looked good, but if he didn't already know that I had celiac disease there would be a couple things that he would be concerned about...I never found out what! After telling me that he would see me in a couple weeks, I decided to see another doctor. We tested my vitamin levels which were low, and I am iron deficient. I am now taking prenatal vitamins, ferrous sulfate (iron) and a probiotic to get levels back up. I also have osteoporosis at 20 years old.

We took more biopsies of my small intestine 3 weeks ago, and the doctor said that he saw no trace of celiac disease! It was normal...

So why am I still in pain and why can't they find anything?

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