I have launched my "The Gluten Syndrome" on YouTube.
I have got heaps of great feedback.  In 2 minutes you can hear my theory on how gluten causes its harm.  What do you think of this video?   Please “rate it” and make a “comment”, and also pass on the link to your friends.  The idea is to help the millions of gluten sufferers who are unaware of the problem.  Thanks. Cheers Rodney.

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Hi. This site, www.celiac.com,
is an awesome collection of stuff about gluten problems and what you can do about it.  I am privileged to have contributed to this website.  The Scott-free Newsletter is also well worth reading, it is packed full of useful information.

I already write a regular "blog" that is posted on my own website.  My focus is on telling the world about gluten.  I am the person who has written the book "The Gluten Syndrome".  At least one in ten people (that is 10%) suffer from the bad affects of gluten.  Let's help them.  Cheers, Rodney Ford.

As always, Celiac.com welcomes your comments (see below).