I've been rice-free for eight years and suspected rice as a problem just as I discovered I was a Celiac. However it apparently is not and in fact I show almost no sensitivity to it when compared to nuts and treated dairy, which I tolerate but occasionally react too.

I tried two types of rice. One was a processed white rice which was combined with vegetables. It tasted like chlorine or iodine so I don't plan on that again.

However, brown rice cakes were a limited success. I say "limited" because I had no reaction and relished the first nicely buttered crisp slab of puffed rice compressed into a hockey puck shape.

is where the problem started. I kept wanting one more... and eating one more. I went through a package of ten in two days. After a two week abstinence, I tried again and the same thing happened.

It is not uncommon to be addicted to starchy foods  so there I was right back where I started before going gluten and starch free, craving the crispy stuff again.

If I am offered one or two rice cakes (and doubt this is likely as most people dislike and ridicule them) I will accept, but no more ten packs in the cupboard.

I had my cakes and ate them two--I mean ten!


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