For nine months I ate high protein, lots of fruit and veggies and saltine crackers.  With my beautiful baby girl born and my second, and last, nauseousness filled pregnancy over, I was on cloud nine!  My plan was to eat healthy so my baby girl would be as happy and healthy as my son was while I was breastfeeding.   After about three weeks we went out for lunch and I ordered I large plate of hummus, grilled veggies, crackers and French bread.  The next day my baby girl started throwing up.  I called my midwife and sister only to hear that maybe it was the hummus or the garlic, but it was probably nothing.  I cut out any legumes and garlic; the problems only increased.  Her stomach always seemed to hurt so she was classified as colic.  I am not one to sit back and be told there is nothing I could do.  I cut out dairy and saw minor improvements.  The crying on both our parts continued.  I cut back to only eating plain grilled chicken, saltine crackers and bread thinking there was no way these plain foods could hurt her stomach.   After seeing the problem get worse,
and finding no help in books or the internet, I decided that wheat, my main food source at the time, may be a problem.  My mother doesn't eat wheat and I've always been told that I may be mildly allergic.  Within a week her attitude seemed to be improving and her potty habits became more regular.  When I tried to reintroduce oatmeal it was followed by two days of straight crying and about another week before she soiled herself again.  I was faced with no gluten or lactose and weighed in at maybe ninety pounds.  I loved to cook, and my family loved it too, so we started looking into what was out there.  We make  lactose and gluten-free pizza, pasta, bread and so much more.  My son, four, has not even noticed that we stopped buying gluten or dairy.  My baby girl also gets rashes from corn, is still a little fussy, but overall her stomachaches are gone and she is extremely healthy!    It has been a long and exhausting switch, but I feel very good about making a sacrifice that to me is so minor but to her makes the world of difference.  My baby girl is almost nine months old and is the happiest colicky baby anyone has ever seen.     

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