Awareness of Celiac disease is spreading, by Joe, and restaurants are taking full advantage of the added patronage! Some stops that are required for the weary traveller, or simply the local resident, are listed below:
  1. In N Out- Now, I know they have these guys all up and down the coast, but the one in Laguna Niguel is very aware of Celiacs' needs (I go there all the time, and they are more than willing to accomodate)!
  2. Skosh Monahans. The owner's son has autism, and because of his condition, they created a gluten-free, casein free kid-friendly menu. The place is has a very laid back atmosphere and would cater to even the pickiest gluten-free consumers.
  3. Newport Rib Steakhouse. They are very willing to help out Celiacs. Their food is delicious!
  4. Z'Tejas- Tex/Mex lunch and dinner. Good food, good restaurant.

Also, BJ's Pizzeria, a favorite amongst high-schoolers for their low prices, big plates, and the infamous pazookie, is adding a gluten-free menu to their restaurant! They say that is will be coming soon, but how soon I am not sure. I will be checking frequently.

If anyone else has any other suggestions about some out-to-dinner locations that are sympathetic to the needs of Celiacs, do not hesitate to add them in!

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).