The word is out my friends, and gluten-free is slowly but surely oozing its way into everyday conversations, literary articles, and food labels.

But beware! Not all labels are up-to-date. Why, just last night at a baseball game, I happened to glance at a bag of Doritos chips. I had even been told by the company a year ago that the item was gluten free. They looked delicious, but something in my gut (literally) told me to read the ingredient label over once more just to make sure everything was ok. And low and behold! Right there, WHEAT FLOUR.
Ah! Well, I cannot say how fortunate I was to read the label. I gave myself a little pat on the back for my wise choice. But while I was disappointed that I could not eat Doritos again, I am pleased to note that I have found many other mainstream items that label themselves officially gluten-free.
Here are just some of what can be found in your local grocery store:

Yoplait 99% Fat Free Yogurt
French's mustard
Best Foods Mayonnaise
Babybel cheese
Rice Chex
...these were the only things I bought at the store the other day, but there are more items to come!

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