I have to admit to being overwhelmed with the response to the article on Gluten Sensitivity and Bladder Disease.  Thanks to everyone who wrote in, here and to me personally.  The article has been picked up not only by Celiac sites, but by sites that support people who have Intersititial Cystitis, and that honestly thrills me, because it doubles the number of people who have the potential to get better by going gluten-free.  Today I met a naturopath who
said she had just seen the first published study suggesting a link between these two diseases.  I will track it down and post the link in this blog, for others to see.  A local MD here in Portland has agreed to help me with the support group and clinical trial for treating bladder pain with a gluten-free diet, and officially track the results.  This is all very gratifying for me, to finally see some progress after so many years. 

I'll keep you posted...


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