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Celiac Disease Diagnosis, Testing & Treatment

This category contains a comprehensive overview that covers the information on diagnosing and treating celiac disease, including the latest research on the various new tests/screening techniques.
Note: The only medically acceptable treatment for celiac disease is a 100% gluten-free diet for life.

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    Photo: CC--Fredrik Rubensson

    Do enzymes from our mouths offer the best next treatment celiac disease?

    How early can you diagnose celiac disease? This is a most challenging question for everyone: children, parents, pediatricians, gastroenterologists and many other health professionals. This is because, like so many other diseases, celiac disease is a progressive condition that slowly creeps up on you. In addition, there is disagreement about what constitutes a definitive diagnosis of celiac disease.

    Doctors are causing delays in diagnosing women with celiac disease. Photo: CC--Erik Wilde

    A new study says doctors, not patients, are responsible for most delays in diagnosing celiac disease in women.

    Task force says more evidence needed to support open screening for celiac disease. Photo: CC--Justin Watt

    Government task force says more evidence needed to adequately weigh the benefits and harms of celiac disease screening in asymptomatic patients.

    Photo: CC--Brett Jordan

    Are there options for treating celiac disease besides a gluten-free diet?

    New understanding about celiac disease could lead to drug breakthroughs. Photo: CC--Tom Hart

    A rapidly expanding knowledge of the celiac disease regulatory pathway could soon lead to new breakthroughs.

    Celiac disease vaccine trials will start in Australia in late 2016. Photo: CC--Corey Leopold

    The world’s first vaccine aimed at curing celiac disease is slated to begin full trials in Australia later this year.

    Task force will make recommendations for celiac screening after public comments period closes. Photo: CC--Hakan Dahlstrom

    The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force will make screening recommendations regarding celiac disease screening after taking public comments.

    Teenagers can follow simple steps to manage their celiac disease. Image: CC--d3inotes

    A few simple steps can help teens take control of their own celiac disease treatments, and manage their own gluten-free diets.

    Photo: CC--Les Chatfield

    Sometimes, certain cases can stand out and grab the attention of clinicians or researchers. Such is the case of a 62-year-old woman who was suffering from severe malabsorption, and diagnosed with celiac disease based on the findings of flat, small intestinal mucosa and HLA-DQ2 positivity, although celiac blood tests were negative.

    Image: Larazotide--NIH

    Alba Therapeutics has announced that their celiac treatment, larazotide acetate, has been licensed and will enter the first Phase 3 clinical trials ever conducted in a celiac disease drug later this year.

    BiolineRx has its headquarters in Israel. Photo: Wikimedia Commons--Gilabrand

    Celiac treatment BL-7010 receives important designation as Class IIb medical device in the EU.

    Photo: CC--decar66

    What's the best way to diagnose non-celiac gluten sensitivity? New guidelines might provide an answer.

    Photo: CC--Adrian Clark

    Doctors might not need a biopsy to accurately diagnose celiac disease in asymptomatic children who have elevated anti-tTG, according to the latest study.

    Diversity among pears and apples. Photo: CC--Alexandre Dulaunoy

    A new study suggests that result parameters tests for IgA antibodies to tissue transglutaminase vary widely by individual kit.

    Image: CC--Robson#

    Here's every celiac disease treatment currently in development in a single list:

    ALV003, by Alvine Pharmaceuticals, is a combination of two enzymes that break down gluten before it can provoke an immune reaction. The drug is a powder to be dissolved in water and taken before meals.

    Brass gauges. Photo: CC-- Jeanne

    Celiac disease is frequently mis-diagnosed. Even when patients received endoscopy, celiac disease is often missed or not detected.

    Photo: CC--Neil Conway

    Can a new pill, which uses egg yolk antibodies to coat gluten, allowing it to pass from the body without harm, find a place on the crowded roster of contenders?

    Photo: CC--Ilmicrofono Oggiono

    Current celiac disease call for a follow-up biopsy taken 1 year after diagnosis to monitor gut recovery. Many celiac patients show incomplete gut recovery at that time, but there’s not much research to help doctors figure out how significant this might be.

    Photo: CC--Shannon Kringen

    Many people with celiac disease know that gluten exposure can cause gut damage and trouble absorbing some vitamins and minerals, which can lead to serious deficiencies. However, even celiac who follow gluten-free diets may experience similar issues, including impaired vitamin and mineral absorption.

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