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Gluten-Free Food & Specialty Product Companies

This category includes articles on various gluten-free specialty food and product companies who manufacture gluten-free products for the fast-growing gluten-free marketplace. Most of the companies here are located in the United States.

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    We are the Smart Baking Company.

    We are a NEXT generation gluten-free bakery located in Central Florida. From our dedicated gluten-free facility we bake products that are not just gluten-free.

    All our styles are all natural, all fruit and gluten-free and vegan. The ciders are unpasteurized but cold filtered 4 times so that they are fresh and clean to the taste. They are a lower calorie , lower alcohol alternative to wine and beer and very refreshing.

    For BFree Foods, it wasn't enough to create wraps, rolls, bagels and bread loaves that were simply wheat and gluten-free alternatives. Instead the innovative company set out to develop gluten-free breads that taste just as delicious as their conventional counterparts and still have exceptional nutrition. Not to mention ones that won't disintegrate, crack or crumble mid-meal.

    Of all the quality bread makers out there, most don't offer specific settings for gluten free breads and doughs. But the premium, easy-to-use Panasonic YR2500 Gluten Free Bread Maker does.

    Imagine if you conquered your celiac disease. What would you eat? How would it change your life, or the lives of your children?

    Strictly Gluten Free is the premier exclusive gluten-free retail and online marketplace for the health conscience consumer maintaining a gluten-free and allergen free lifestyle.  Strictly Gluten Free connects consumers with all the newest and highest quality gluten & allergen free products on the market from all over the world by taking away the hard work of exploring what truly is trusted and credibly gluten-free.

    As most of you may know, gluten—a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and many common food additives—is often used in cosmetics either as a binding agent, a way to add moisture, or a way to exfoliate.

    With wheat allergies and Celiac disease on the rise, more Americans are forced to seek out gluten-free products. Largely impacting dietary choices, these conditions also affect the types of products used. From gluten free skin care products to hair care, there are plenty of options in the personal care product that won’t irritate these sensitivities.

    Inspired by Happiness products are made with premium, high-quality ingredients, with all natural flavors and no artificial colors. Plus they contain no artificial trans fat and, best of all, they’re certified gluten-free!

    Our mission is simple: we want you to Love Bread Again. Our family is passionate about making real food with wholesome, clean ingredients.

    Whether you're gluten-free, vegetarian, flexitarian, or just looking for new, plant-based options, you can trust Ancient Harvest to do right by your appetite. Ancient Harvest was the first company to bring quinoa stateside in 1983. Today, we continue cooking up all kinds of tasty new ways to love quinoa, plus we’ve branched out into other high-quality superfoods like beans and lentils.

    "Nearly 30% of Americans avoid gluten to improve their overall health", according to one poll1. Gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, spelt and barley, can cause health and mental symptoms in kids with genetic issues or immune sensitivities. There are ways to help such as choosing a gluten free lifestyle. Did you know there is also a new line of supplements to help too? BIORAY Kids™ support healthy organ function and remove toxins.

    After years of watching her two children become junk food addicts, YummyHealth founder Lisa Goldbaum started searching for healthier snack options that her kids would actually enjoy eating without a fight. She was disappointed to find that most so-called "healthy" snacks on the market contain as much sugar and processed starch as the regular commercial varieties, while the truly healthy snacks weren't appetizing to kids.

    Manini's is a world-class food company, and remains committed to the original mission and ideals as it continues to bring healthy and great tasting gluten free foods to consumers, chefs and food service providers who covet the highest quality nutritious foods.

    Bread, real bread. Crisp crust. Soft open crumb. Rich whole-grain taste. Chewy, aromatic and delicious. If you've got celiac disease, this may be the one food you miss most. That was the case for Charles Luce. In 2002, when he was diagnosed, the first thing he did was survey grocer stores for acceptable bread. Finding none, he plunged into cookbooks, with equally dismal results.

    Path of Life is a family owned, natural and organic food company based in Chicago, Illinois. Created with the desire to make eating better, flavorful and easy for the entire family, Path of Life of frozen quinoa blends, side dishes, fruits and vegetables are simply good, clean food.

    St. Claire's Organics makes certified organic candy. We manufacture GREAT tasting healthy candy! Our manufacturing facility is dedicated Allergen-free. This means our candy is Wheat-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Casein-free, Soy-free, Egg-free, Peanut-free, Tree nut-free, Corn-free, and Fish and Shellfish-free.

    Tomorrow's Nutrition SunFiber® delivers 6 grams of clinically proven, clear, grit free and 100% gluten free prebiotic fiber. The only True Regulating all natural fiber, improves both occasional constipation and diarrhea without the excess gas, cramping or bloating that other fibers do.

    Only the best. Only gluten free. At Gluten Free Mall, this is our promise to you and we strive to achieve it every day!

    Feel Good Foods is the first company to offer gluten-free Asian pot stickers, egg rolls and meals. The food is all-natural, great tasting and gluten-free. Made by a chef, approved by a celiac.

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