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Gluten-Free Mexican Recipes (Spanish)

Gluten-Free Mexican Recipes (Spanish) - Please submit your favorite gluten free Mexican or Spanish recipe here by registering as an author on our site. Your recipes will appear here and help thousands of other people with celiac disease.

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    The finished nachos. Photo: CC--John Verive

    Both health nuts and nacho lovers will cheer these three-cheese nachos! They are the perfect game day snack, or a great addition to any barbecue! They are easy to make, and come together in a single skillet for easy prep, serving and clean-up.

    Photo: CC--Maggie Hoffman

    In Mexico and many points south, grilled corn is a staple, delicious snack. In many towns, vendors selling fresh-grilled corn are common and popular.

    Fish tacos anyone? Photo: CC--DJJEWELZ

    These grilled shrimp tacos are sure to be a big hit at your next barbecue or party.

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons--Jacob Sunol

    If you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating El Salvadoran, Nicaraguan, southern Mexican food, then you might be familiar with fried plantains.

    Photo: CC-- Anthony Georgoff

    In response to a request to add some low-fat, diabetic-friendly recipes to the mix, I offer this recipe for grilled fish tacos with fresh watermelon salsa.

    Photo: CC--Umberto Salvagnin

    Try this delicious marinade with Cilantro and Lime at home with Mahi Mahi, Salmon or your favorite meat! This marinade even taste good on roasted fresh veggies.

    The finished mixed bean salad. Photo: CC--kustomkitten

    This southwestern-style mixed bean salad is a big hit at potlucks and picnics.

    The finished nachos. Photo: CC--Chee Hong

    Nachos are one of may favorite snacks to make at home. Nachos are versatile, easy to make, and sure to please most eaters.

    The finished chicken enchilada soup. Photo:CC--Brett L.

    This soup is best done in a CrockPot or other type of slow cooker. Just toss the ingredients into the pot in the morning, turn it on, and come back around dinner time for rich, delicious chicken enchilada soup.

    The finished Spanish-style baked chicken with olives. Photo: CC--mullenkedheim

    This easy recipe offers chicken pieces marinated, then baked with lemon, olives and raisins.

    The finished fish tacos. Photo: CC--Neilwill

    Good fish tacos almost always deliver happiness at the table. These fish tacos are easy to make and sure to please. 

    Chicken fajita kebabs on the grill. Photo: CC--koadmunkee

    I'm a big fan of chicken fajitas, so when I'm craving fajitas, but don't want to heat up the house, these fajita kebabs are perfect. They are simple to make, and sure to satisfy any fajita lovers at your next grilling session.

    Photo: CC--Stu Spivak

    This simple, easy to make recipe delivers grilled kebabs of tasty mackerel with a Spanish flair. Perfect for outdoor grill time.

    In this photo, chilaquiles verde includes chicken. Photo: CC--sheriw

    This recipe features chilaquiles in a green sauce. It comes together quickly and will be a big hit with any lovers of Mexican food. Chilaquiles verde makes a wonderful dish for a special brunch.

    The finished chilaquiles rojo. Photo: CC--rpongsaj

    Chilaquiles is one of my all-time favorite Mexican dishes. Typically featured at breakfast or brunch, chilaquiles, like enchiladas, can be made with either red or green sauce, and can be garnished in a variety of ways. Anyone who likes enchiladas will likely take a shine to chilaquiles.

    The finished two bean chili. Photo: CC--Jamie Patra

    In my house, the chilly appearance of fall means stews, soups and chilies simmering on the stove. Fall is when I love making dishes that not only help to warm the house, but also fill it with delicious aromas that tease my nose until dinner time.

    The finished ceviche. Photo: CC--AlyssssylA

    Ceviche is one of my very favorite summertime dishes. It's one of those magical dishes where simple ingredients, simple preparation, and a bit of time combine to form a delicious, refreshing and memorable dish.

    The finished fish tacos. Photo: CC--Little Blue Hen

    Fish tacos have gained a large and growing following over the last few decades. You can find them featured at numerous taquerias and Mexican restaurants. Too often, though, they are coated in batter and so off limits to people with celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity.

    Photo: CC--dipdewdog

    The secret to great enchiladas lies in the sauce. Canned or store-bought sauces usually fall short on flavor and often contain wheat. Many recipes also call for wheat to thicken the sauce. Here's a recipe that will deliver a great, authentic tasting enchilada sauce that will be naturally thick without requiring any flour or thickener.

    The finished enchiladas. Photo:CC--kellyk

    Here's a recipe for a tasty, delicious red chili enchiladas that will have your family and friends wondering how you came to master the art of Mexican cooking so handily.

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