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Additional Celiac Disease Concerns

This category covers everything from dealing with celiac disease, schools, hospital stays, quality of life issues, camps, pets and gluten, dealing with relatives, and much more.

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    Photo: CC--jcmedina

    I've happily reported the occasional story about a food bank here or there that has rallied to provide gluten-free food, or about the occasional gluten-free advocate who has helped to collect gluten-free donations, but the truth is that most food banks have minimal gluten-free options for those in need.

    Photo: Wikicommons - Really Short.

    A restaurant owned by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been fined over $12,000 after a customer with celiac disease was sickened by eating regular pasta, instead of gluten-free pasta she was supposed to receive.

    Photo: CC--CesarKensen

    Television's the Disney Channel has always been known to be kid friendly and parents approved, but a recent airing has parents viewing this network in a new light.

    Photo: CC--Ron J. Anejo

    As more Americans then ever are looking to either reduce the amount of gluten in their diets or to eliminate it entirely, many nutritionists are saying that cutting gluten carelessly can be unnecessary and unhealthy, while others are pointing out that it is likely a waste of money for those who do not suffer from celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

    Photo: CC--kthrn

    Many people struggle daily with skin problems. Everyone wants clear, healthy, radiant skin, but only few are willing to go the extra mile to achieve. Out of the people who combine a healthy diet with skin care products for clearer skin, there are still some that just can't get it to clear up.

    Photo: CC--plantingdollars

    More and more brick and mortar stores are fighting against a practice called 'showrooming,' where consumers visit a store to view an item in person before buying it online. Charging a fee to visitors who do not buy anything is one new strategy in that fight.

    Photo: CC--dbrekke

    As the market for gluten-free foods and products continues to grow, more and more non-food products are being formulated without gluten. That list now now appears to include children's toys.

    Photo: CC--jimmywayne

    A legislator in Missouri, Rep. Vicky Englund is pushing a bill that requires manufacturers and wholesalers of hygiene products like shampoo and conditioner to clearly state on the product label whether or not the product contains gluten.

    Photo: CC--wallyg

    Parents of children with food allergies can take heart in recent developments at the federal level that are mandating changes in the ways colleges and universities address food-allergy issues in their students.

    Photo: CC--Andrea_Nguyen

    The hallmark of a healthy gluten-free diet is a grocery cart filled with mostly unprocessed, single-ingredient foods such as fresh produce, nuts, and meat.

    Photo: CC--PerterJr1961

    An entry in the Patient Journey section of the British Medical Journal highlights the confusion around non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

    Photo: CC--foonus

    A team of researchers recently set out to assess use of sourdough lactic acid bacteria as a cell factory for delivering functional biomolecules and food ingredients in gluten free bread.

    Photo: CC--Steven A. Johnson

    Should the Department of Justice use its weight to force colleges and universities to accommodate students with food allergies under the Americans with Disabilities Act? Fox News doesn't think so.

    Photo: CC--b_lumenkraft

    At the end of a long day of class and meetings, Morgan Hembarsky loved to come home to her four roommates eagerly awaiting her to cook their weekly meal together. Immediately when she walked through the door the most important thing to talk about was food, conversation could wait. Was it pasta with marinara and veggies or chicken parmesan with warm rolls night?

    Photo: CC--doug88888

    Scientists are making progress on the creation of a pill that would allow people with celiac disease to safely eat gluten in much the same way that lactase pills allow people with lactose intolerance to eat dairy products without upsetting digestion.

    Photo: CC--Juushika Redgrave

    This updated list of gluten–free and gluten–safe Halloween candies will help parents of children who must avoid gluten to more easily find Halloween candies.

    Image: CC--Irish Typepad

    Irish citizens with celiac disease will no longer be reimbursed for the gluten-free products they buy, under to a newly announced cutback to their health benefits.

    Photo: CC--dennis and aimee jonez

    An estimated 3 million Americans have celiac disease. They deal with several challenges in maintaining a diet free of gluten, specifically the expense of gluten-free alternatives. What should we do about this?

    Photo: CC--Smiteme

    Is soy sauce safe to serve to people with celiac disease and gluten-intolerance? In an effort to answer that question, I did a bit of research. I was surprised to learn that at least two naturally fermented soy sauces made by Kikkoman and Lima Foods test at under 5ppm gluten, which makes them gluten-free.

    Photo: CC--tjmwatson

    A recent study shows that follow-up care for patients with celiac disease is often poor and inconsistent.

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