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Celiac Disease Research Projects, Fundraising, Epidemiology, Etc.

This category deals with various proposed and ongoing research projects, including the any fundraising for those projects, and also covers research regarding celiac disease epidemiology.

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    Next » 01/31/2005 - SEOs (Search Engine Optimizers) are having a contest to see who will rank 11/25/2003 - Investigators from the Celiac Sprue Research Foundation, a non-profit publ 05/12/2003 - Families that have had two or more relatives diagnosed with Celiac Dise 12/31/2002 - Long time celiac and intestinal disease researcher Kenneth Fine, M.D. bro 03/19/2002 - For the past several years, Gary M. Gray, M.D. and Chaitan Khosla, Ph.D.,

    University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research: Research Update - 1 in 150 Adults Have Celia

    Summary prepared by Nancy Kloberdanz as a joint effort of all the national celiac organizations GI

    The following contributions can be made to the United Way to support celiac sprue research: Ce

    Columbia Genome Center at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York,

    The following was written by one of the CEDAR staff, Stephanie Tudor - Anyo

    Currently, the Center for Celiac Research is involved in three critical research areas: Mult

    Currently, the Center for Celiac Research is involved in two critical areas: * Multi-Center Se

    The University of Marylands Center for Celiac Research has received approximately $231,000 in c

    We have tested 1,579 samples as part of the Multicenter Serological Study for the prevalence of

    Center for Celiac Research Multi-Center Serological Study Update As of September 1, 1998. The Un

    Copyright by Michael Jones, Bill Elkus, Jim Lyles, and Lisa Lewis 1995, 1996 - All rights reserved

    Below is in excerpt from THE SPRUE-NIK PRESS which was sent out on Thursday, 7 Dec 1995 as an Au

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