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Gluten-Free Food Ingredient Labeling Regulations

This category deals with all issues surrounding gluten-free food and ingredient labeling regulations, including United States Food and Drug Administration proposed and actual regulations.

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    03/30/2004 - In an election year, Congress has fewer days is session, and focuses on issues which 03/16/2004 - The U.S. Senate has unanimously passed S. 741, which includes the Food Al 12/19/2003 - In a press release dated November 24, 2003, FDA Commissioner, Mark B. McCl 11/25/2003 - On Friday, November 21, 2003, the Senate HELP Committee took a major step 06/02/2002 Prepared by Laura Yick - There are currently two bills in congress regarding 07/24/2001 - In an effort to make food ingredient labels easier for everyone to underst

    ( 03/17/2000) Under the new FDA rules (effective in 2000), consumers will get more info

    The House of Representatives has, once again, acknowledged celiac disease. It has passed the fundi

    The following letter was prepared by Nancy of the Gluten Intolerance Group in Seattle, WA: D

    The following was a post from Merete Askim regarding the avoidance of the contamination of food

    This update comes to us from Frederik Willem Janssen, The Netherlands: fwjanssen@WXS.NL Abo

    This article comes to us from Frederik Willem Janssen, Zutphen, The Netherlands, e-mail: teizjanz@

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