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Additional Celiac Disease Concerns

This category covers everything from dealing with celiac disease, schools, hospital stays, quality of life issues, camps, pets and gluten, dealing with relatives, and much more.

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    Starbuck looks to add more and better gluten-free options. Photo: CC--Angela Thompson

    Coffee giant Starbucks looks to feature more and better dietary specialty options, including gluten-free products. Will they succeed?

    Image: CC--Ansel Edwards

    A surprising research report from Australia that explores non celiac gluten sensitivity has given rise to a number of journalistic offerings that range between offensive and downright silly, while the reporters who wrote them appear to have somewhat compromised reading skills. That is not to say that the research report is without problems. However, at least that report requires a close reading to identify its most troubling elements.

    Olemsartan linked to celiac disease and malabsorption. This image does not depict olmesartan or Benicar. Photo: CC--stupid systemus

    Some doctors and clinicians have reported cases of severe sprue-like enteropathy associated with olmesartan, but, until now, no clear demonstration of an increased risk has been documented by epidemiological studies.

    Image: CC--rina sergeeva

    Pizzeria, hospital sued by parents of girl sickened by "gluten-free" pizza.

    Image: CC--bora_dan

    Cafe's expletive-laced rant over gluten-free fad dieters draws both ire and support.

    Image: CC--Steve Snodgrass

    I'm going to discuss a topic that I'm sure will be fraught with controversy. However, as someone who has watched the difficulty that so many new patients have in navigating their diets on gluten-free and celiac forums for the past twelve years, I believe it's time to consider a new model for approaching the gluten-free diet.

    People with celiac disease might get dosed with gluten more often than they realize. Photo: CC--Allen McGregor

    New research shows just how common symptomatic gluten exposure is among celiac patients on a gluten-free diet.

    Photo: CC--Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin

    Woman says the pastries labeled as "gluten free" at the hotel buffet were standard non-gluten-free pastries, and made her violently ill.

    At the start of the 2016 academic year, Kent State University becomes the first university in the country to feature an entirely gluten-free dining hall on campus.

    Photo: CC--Delphine Ménard

    In 2005 the National Institute of Health indicated more than 23 million Americans suffered from autoimmune disease. Today the projection is 30 million who experience extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain, muscle weakness, sleeplessness, weight loss or gain, and memory problems as symptoms of autoimmune disorders.

    New study shows extra expenses that come with having celiac disease. Photo: CC--Wendy

    The research team measured the burden of total direct costs associated with celiac disease in patients with celiac disease versus patients without celiac disease using administrative claims data.

    Photo: CC--Frank Balsinger

    News that ImmusanT company is beginning full human trials for their celiac disease vaccine, NexVax 2, brought a number of comments from our readers.

    Image: CC--rob_rob2001

    You just got diagnosed Celiac and are wondering how serious this really is. What if there is just a little gluten in your food? What if you use the same toaster for your gluten-free bread as your wife's/husband's regular bread? What if those french fries are gluten-free but they fry them in the same fryer as those nice gluten coated onion rings?

    Photo: CC--Rex Hammock

    The issue of cross-contamination keeps coming up in articles, conferences, blogs and every other venue in which celiacs discuss ways of living with our disease. For all the talk there has been precious little, if any, thoughtful analysis, so I felt it was time for one. Some will appreciate this analysis—others will not.

    Photo: CC--Bart Everson

    Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus and the clean-eating bloggers of Instagram have all helped propel gluten-free foods out of health-food stores and into the aisles of Whole Foods and Wal-Mart.

    Photo: CC--SurferGirl30

    Cereal-maker General Mills is looking to patent its method for producing gluten-free oats.

    The short answer, yes! Although some women, due to certain complications are told not to exercise, for the most part exercise is totally fine while pregnant and actually quite a valid implementation to a healthy pregnancy.

    Gluten-free cheerios debuts in Canada this summer. Photo: CC--CheertheThree

    Good news for Canadians with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities!

    Photo: CC--Carine06

    Is athletic improvement, after beginning a gluten-free diet, a sign that the athlete had gluten intolerance or celiac disease? Or, could it simply be a benefit of following a gluten-free diet?
    The real cause of the gluten-free athlete's improved athletic performance may be harder to uncover than you think.

    Is gluten-free or grain-free food right for your dog? Photo: CC--Andre Hagenbruch

    Does your dog need gluten-free food? This guide will help you decide, and, if so, to choose the best gluten- or grain-free foods for your dog.

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