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Gluten Free Breeze (formerly Brendygirl) Blog


Bgf, Creep Shield, And Bone Edges

Posted by , 13 June 2009 - - - - - - · 340 views

Funny to realize that going "against the grain" for years has opened my palate to foods I never would've enjoyed BGF (before gluten free).  Baked goods with nuts.  I liked some nuts BGF, but never baked into stuff. Now, I love Pamela's ch.chip cookies with walnuts and Trader Joe's Flourless Chocolate Walnut cookies, which taste more...


G1, Guys, And Glutenfreelosity

Posted by , 30 May 2009 - - - - - - · 250 views
Bigg Papi is what the charm on his thick, gold chain necklace reads.  Take away one g and you have his license plates.  What can I say?  He makes me laugh.  So, I took him to my friend's house to a barbeque and it was funny.   I begged him to tell everyone about how, being raised as a foster kid in NY, his siblings think he has...


Planet Celiac: Pasadena Celiac Convention May 2nd

Posted by , 08 May 2009 - - - - - - · 427 views

My lofty expectations for the Celiac Conference were met!  It was AWESOME!  People just like ME!  Vendors cooking and catering to ME, and chucking copious samples my way.  (I did have to spit some in the trash, but there were some very tasty morsels as well.)  Doctors delivering diatribes about dx...


Celiac Wake-up Call...and Recent Gluten-free Foods From My Brave Boca

Posted by , 25 April 2009 - - - - - - · 289 views

   My celiac group leader's brother died of celiac complications a couple weeks ago.  It's sad and it brings to mind how seriously we have to take our treatment, which is our gluten free diet.  Today I read the thread here about Joe C, the rapper who died of celiac.  ...


"silly Ass" Disease

Posted by , 15 April 2009 - - - - - - · 682 views
Last night Travel Dude came over for our indulgence night of American Idol, chili dogs (we pour Wendy's chili over Hebrew National lowfat hot dogs he bakes in the oven and I use Kinnickick gluten-free bun), and romancin.  He also brought over Ruffles and  (gluten-free) brownies from the pickup window at Outback Steakhouse, but I was too...


Gluten Free Restaurant Experiences

Posted by , 11 April 2009 - - - - - - · 294 views
gluten free food
Travel Dude looked online and found that The Original Pancake House serves gluten-free pancakes!  He drove me 30 minutes away to try them.  They gave me six (WAY too many), and only AFTERWARD told me I could order a half-order.  They were ok.  Travel Dude (who's finicky and usually...


I'm Baa-aack!

Posted by , 11 April 2009 - - - - - - · 428 views
gluten free food
Aloha!  I'm back on the blog and back home.  I went to Jamaica in Jan. and again in Feb. and just returned from 11 days on Kauai!  I also went to the Super Bowl.  I've been having tons of fun, as well as tons of stress, and not much gluten!  
Let's get you...


Moving Time?

Posted by , 09 December 2008 - - - - - - · 70 views

I believe my blog has been censored, without notification or an opportunity to edit it.  I wrote a really fun entry a few weeks ago, but *POOF*... Therefore, I've been deliberating where to move my blog.  I enjoyed being here, due to the specialized viewing population, but I can't deal with censorship.  
   I have lotsa juicy stuff, too--I went to a...


Wreaking Halloween Havoc: My First Time In A Police Car

Posted by , 01 November 2008 - - - - - - · 163 views

It began at 7:30 PM and ended at 7:30 AM. I kinda thought I'd picked the lesser of two evils by opting to see my friend's husband's band play for Halloween, and not going to the party where I knew my ex-boyfriend from 2 years ago would be.  You decide:
     I had a blast in my St. Pauli Girl costume, dancing (extra...


Pumpkin Cake, Pizza Fusion, And Pecos Bill

Posted by , 25 October 2008 - - - - - - · 408 views
gluten free food
Had fun at the celiac support meeting.  You can pretend you went- a virtual meeting- here:
One lady had amazing pumpkin bread (light and moist and fluffy and SOFT) that she made out of her Vitamix (some fancy blender) recipe book that she modified for gluten free. Said it was easy.  She traded me her leftover cake for my leftover...

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