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OhSoTired's Blog


A Diagnosis? Or Not........

Posted by , 26 August 2008 - - - - - - · 979 views
FINALLY! A call from the GI doc's office (8/22) and the nurse tells me "it looks like you may have a mild case of Celiac Disease; try a gluten free diet for a few weeks to see how you feel." :blink: LOL
I asked her to send me a copy of my results for my records, which arrived yesterday (8/25).

I was thinking that since this office...


Waiting, And Feeling Worse

Posted by , 10 August 2008 - - - - - - · 632 views
I had a follow up with my GI doc on Thursday, and he said that everything is 'normal' (colonscopy/biopsy, stool samples, blood work). We talked about the high values on some of my previous blood results and he said it was really nothing to worry about, but that we could do testing for B12/Folic acid levels.
I pushed for the rest of the Celiac Panel...


Patience, Patience.........

Posted by , 31 July 2008 - - - - - - · 243 views
Mine is wearing thin. I still don't have test results from the stool samples, and don't expect biopsy results until early next week sometime. It's been really hard to sit around and NOT dwell on the possibilities.
And if those come back negative, what next?
I still need to address having the rest of the Celiac Panel done (they only tested for...


Blood Test Results

Posted by , 23 July 2008 - - - - - - · 289 views

Got a phone call from the GI office today.

Blood test results.......(drum roll)...............normal.
No further details on what normal means or what all they tested for.
I'm going to swing by tomorrow and pick up printed copies for my records and see what exactly they tested for.

Stool samples were dropped off on 7/21 so still waiting on those...


Gi Visit

Posted by , 16 July 2008 - - - - - - · 110 views

Today was my visit with the GI doctor.
I think I like this guy. He asked a lot of questions, and took a lot of notes.
I told him that there's a history of IBS in my family, as well as Diverticulitis and Ulcerative Colitis. I also told him that I'd been 'diagnosed' with IBS about 8 years ago. He asked me "How were you diagnosed?"...


Doctor Visit

Posted by , 08 July 2008 - - - - - - · 123 views

(I'm a little behind in posting, so this has been backdated.)

So I saw a doctor today. He seemed really receptive to the things that I was telling him, but he said to me "well if you think it's gluten related then stop eating it for a while and see what happens."
I asked him about the possibility of that affecting test results and he...


Make It Stop!

Posted by , 07 July 2008 - - - - - - · 116 views

Six days back into a glutenous diet, and last night I wanted to die. With a capital D.
I ate a ceasar salad for dinner that had chicken, feta and parmesan cheese, portabella mushrooms and croutons. I also had a couple slices of foccacia bread with asiago cheese on it. Within 30 minutes of finishing dinner, I had a stomach ache. Within an hour, it felt like...


Day 4

Posted by , 01 July 2008 - - - - - - · 107 views

I felt better today than I have in years. My mind was clear and I could actually concentrate on something for more than a few minutes.
Absolutely no gas or cramping, and I had more energy too. The only kink in the chain today was that Auntie Flo is in town so I had my usual back cramps and a slight headache. I had bad night sweats again last night, despite...

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