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Skylark's Blog


Getting Started On The Diet

Posted by , in Diagnosis, newly diagnosed 01 July 2012 - - - - - - · 865 views

Before you go off gluten, you need proper celiac testing. Celiac testing only works on a full gluten diet. (Four slices of bread a day worth of gluten.)  If gluten turns out to be your problem, you won't want to re-poison yourself for two months to find out if you have celiac disease.

Tests you need:
Total IgA
deamidated gliadin (also called...


Pot Roast Recipe

Posted by , in Recipes 22 January 2012 - - - - - - · 1,061 views

My pot roast:

I don't like adding a bunch of liquid so I choose a crockpot where the meat fits snugly.  I usually use my 3-quart crockpot because I try to get a smallish chuck roast.  Brown the meat in a skillet if you have time.  Put the roast in the crockpot and pour in a little red wine so it comes to the top of the roast.  If the roast fits snugly...


Ingredient Labeling

Posted by , in newly diagnosed, Gluten-free Foods 08 December 2011 - - - - - - · 588 views
food, shopping
This is Peter's fabulous explanation of reading labels for new members.

Welcome to the board, and welcome to the process of learning to read labels.

The Milky Way bar contains gluten (barley malt), and is not safe for...


Th1 And Th2 In Immune System Problems

Posted by , 20 November 2011 - - - - - - · 1,428 views
TH1, TH2, immune balance and 1 more...
GAPS diet is a version of the Specific Carboyhdrate Diet that's got extra probiotics and a lot of gelatin-rich bone broth. It is designed to heal the intestine and hopefully repopulate it with healthier bacteria. http://gapsdiet.com

For the TH1 vs TH2 branches of the immune system, here are a few links. It's not simple and the articles explain it...


Celiac Remission

Posted by , in Diagnosis 04 October 2011 - - - - - - · 2,024 views

When I saw Marku Makki talk, he spoke about desensitization and spontaneous remission in some celiacs.  He has seen it in his decades of practice.  It's in one of his articles but I can't seem to turn it up.  I did find some other stuff for you.  I don't know whether the Gut links will work for you because I have an academic affiliation that...


From: Tell Me About "gluten Defense" Pills

Posted by , in Diagnosis 25 September 2011 - - - - - - · 1,181 views

The enzyme in all the so-called gluten pills is DPP-IV.  It is NOT one of the enzymes in clinical trials and it will not detoxify gluten.  It does not cleave internal di-prolines, which are what cause problems digesting gluten in the first place. DPP-IV only works on prolines at the ends of peptides.  These companies are lying, using the FDA dietary...


Celaic And Oats

Posted by , in Gluten-free Foods, newly diagnosed 20 July 2011 - - - - - - · 260 views

As far as oats, the scientific consensus is that while most celiacs can eat uncontaminated oats safely, a few cannot.  Across studies, some people have dropped out of oat studies because they felt unwell, and one had a biopsy-proven reaction.  There are also immunological measures that suggest minor reactions in some people.  What's recommended...


Blue Cheese

Posted by , in Gluten-free Foods 18 July 2011 - - - - - - · 7,960 views
cheese, food, shopping
If you're ultra-sensitive, there is the blue cheese question too.  Many blue cheeses are 100% naturally gluten free but some artisan cheeses have the mold culture started on bread.  There is still no detectable gluten in the finished cheese so even the cheeses with cultures that were started on bread are safe for almost all of us.  If you're unlucky...

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