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Gluten Free Bread: Making You Gain Weight?

gluten free bread gluten free bread review julian bakery best gluten free bread
Letís set something straight: Not all gluten-free bread is created equal! There are some huge differences in ingredients that I would like to discuss, so when you are shopping gluten-free you know exactly what you are getting nutritionally.

From my research it seems many gluten-free bread companies replace gluten-heavy wheat with potato starch and fillers like xanthan gum. Although gluten-free bread like Udiís bread and Rudiís bread have a great taste, using rice and potato starch and worthless fillers has some serious nutritional drawbacks. The issue with substituting wheat for rice and potato starch is that these ingredients quickly turn into blood glucose upon digestion. Essentially, eating anything with these ingredients is the same as eating an enormous serving of carbohydrates and sugar; a sure-fire way to gain fat.

After completing my research I have come to the conclusion the best gluten-free bread on the market is Smart Carb gluten-free #3 is slices above the rest! gluten-free #3 contains no refined starches, only healthy, delectable gluten-free ingredients which net only 3 carbohydrates! Not only is the gluten-free#3 ingredient list nearly perfect, the nutrition facts are enough to make any Dieticianís mouth water. In two slices of this delicious gluten-free bread, you receive 20g of complete protein and 20g of dietary fiber. Whether you are looking to lose weight, stay lean, or avoid gluten, the Julian Bakeryís Smart Carb gluten-free#3 will allow you to keep bread in your diet! I know by choosing Julian Bakery breads, youíll enjoy all of the natural benefits your body needs:

ē Organic Ingredients, Including Organic Eggs
ē Absolutely No Sugar, Yeast, Potato Starch, or Preservatives
ē The Only Low Carb Gluten Free Bread On The Market
ē High Quality, Hand Selected Certified Organic Grain Sources
ē Other Great Ingredients Like Chicory Root and Flaxseed

I can really tell that the Julian Bakery greatly values peopleís health and takes the time in choosing the finest gluten-free grain sources available. The Smart Carb Gluten Free #3 bread is the highest quality rice-free and starch-free gluten-free bread. This bread has no yeast, preservatives or sugar making this bread ideal to stay lean and fit.

Whether you are an athlete, low-carb dieter, overweight, or a celiac patient, you can continue the enjoyment of bread while keeping unwanted nutrients out of your diet! The Julian Bakery breads can be found in over 1,000 grocery stores across the country. To find the nearest Julian Bakery dealer near you click here, or order your bread from The Julian Bakery Online Store.

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Ya, so I went to the local health food store and saw the $8, ice-encrusted, SMALL loaf of bean flour. You play long enough on these sites and you pick up a lot of stuff. Not hard to get a bean to make bread. I know you want to sell bread. I hear you but there has to be a better delivery system. I haven't given up on your bread yet, maybe a different store.
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The bean bread is not the bread I was reviewing in this article. The bean bread is a small 1lBS round bread that is unslices. The Smart Carb # 3 bread is 1.75 LBS Sliced large loaf bread that is low carb and high protein. :D
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