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Gluten Free Diet- DoíS And DoníTs:

Posted by , 28 May 2012 · 1,629 views

Hello everyone!

As this is my first post, I would like to start with a simple informative article. Here is a brief draft of the food items which should be chosen or avoided as a part of gluten free diet.

The very important habit of people with Celiac Disease should be to check the labels of the food items and these labels should read- ďgluten freeĒ.

Say good bye to all kinds of breads made up of wheat, barley and rye etc. to be on a safer side. You can opt for the breads made up of potato or rice flour. But read the label once again. Pastas are a big no. All types of pastas contain gluten unless and until specified on the label. If you feel the craving for noodles or pasta, you can opt for rice noodles. Do not forget that most of the fish chips and chicken nuggets are coated with wheat flakes. So avoid them.

Oats may not contain gluten but may cause blotting, stomach pain and diarrhoea in certain cases. Rice and corn are very good options for the people with Celiac Disease. You can even have these cereals in breakfast. You must keep a safe distance from traditional cakes and cookies. You need to search for specialty bakeries which offer gluten free cakes. But candies and marshmallows are always acceptable when it comes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Beer may contain some gluten but wine is always gluten free. So, you can raise a glass with no worries. But remember- alcohol has its other side effects. Do not indulge in unhealthy food habits in the name of gluten free diet.

One of the important things is to talk to the server (or waiter) when you are in restaurant. You can always ask about the content of the dish you are ordering. You can ask for gluten free food. Take it easy.

Lean fresh meat, chicken and fish are always at your side. Eggs, dairy products, fruits and vegetables are the natural way to complement gluten free diet in your life. Just check the labels for gluten before using canned and frozen products. It is not an easy task to leave oneís staple food for the whole life. But sill we need to take certain decisions so that the life goes on smoothly. So, accept the reality and move ahead in life with a positive outlook. Do not loose heart. Alternatives are always there. Find them and accept them. Be healthy and happy with gluten free food.
Hope you find it informative! :)

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Be careful about chicken, as some manufacturers inject things into the chicken that contain gluten. Best to stick with name brands like Tyson, etc. Also, there are wonderful Gluten free pastas, bread & crackers available in your regular grocery store. Oats themselves aren't gluten products, but are usually cross-contaminated with gluten, which is why you want to avoid oats unless the package says "Gluten Free". Betty Crocker has delicious gluten-free cookie, brownie, and cake mixes. My daughter loves her gluten-free diet; it's just the hidden gluten we encounter that makes her crazy (and very sick).
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