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1desperateladysaved's Blog


Entries in July 2014
26 Jul Clash With The Doctors On My Colonoscopy Prep 1 Comments
14 Jul Damage Assesments At 2 Years Gluten Free: Colonoscopy/endoscopy Prep 3 Comments
Entries in May 2014
31 May Bumps In The Road: Food Intolerances 4 Comments
04 May The Beginning Of The End Of Celiac Reigning In My Life. Two Years Of Progress. 1 Comments
Entries in April 2014
08 Apr Where Oh Where, Is My Tummy? 2 Comments
04 Apr Memories Of Nowhere 0 Comments
Entries in March 2014
28 Mar Springing Into Exercise 2 Comments
Entries in February 2014
04 Feb Here I Am, Send The Other Guy 3 Comments
Entries in December 2013
13 Dec My Family Is Recovering From My Celiac 3 Comments
Entries in November 2013
29 Nov Thanksgiving Went Well 1 Comments
14 Nov Good News/ Bad News 1 Comments
Entries in October 2013
17 Oct My Friend: Pain! 3 Comments
Entries in September 2013
06 Sep The Advantages Of Having Celiac: For Me And For My Family 4 Comments
Entries in August 2013
25 Aug Up The Mountain, And Out Of The Fog 2 Comments
Entries in July 2013
30 Jul My Last Dentist Trip, Until The Next One. 1 Comments
05 Jul From: My Thoughts On Supplements 2 Comments
05 Jul The Fireworks Are Flying 2 Comments
Entries in May 2013
02 May The Grief Of Getting Better?! 3 Comments
Entries in April 2013
01 Apr Backing Off. I Am To Have No More Foods That I Have Antibodies For! 7 Comments
01 Apr The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. Nutrient Test Interpretation 0 Comments
Entries in March 2013
22 Mar Back In The Fog. Hard New Plans. 1 Comments
Entries in February 2013
25 Feb Do I Hide It Well, Or What? 30 Years Of Untreated Celiac: Piece Of Cake? 2 Comments
Entries in December 2012
18 Dec Mommy, Your Dress Is Too Big. 0 Comments
12 Dec You Can Lead A Body To Nutrients, But Can You Make It Take Them In? 4 Comments
Entries in November 2012
11 Nov I Will Give Up Gluten, I Could Do That, But I Do Not Want To Do A Rotational Diet. 9 Comments
Entries in October 2012
24 Oct Testing 123. Food Intolerance And Nutrient Absorption 10 Comments
Entries in September 2012
28 Sep Facing The Giants 0 Comments
23 Sep Skipity Do Da 0 Comments
21 Sep The Dentist 0 Comments
11 Sep From: I Attended My First Support Group Meeting. 0 Comments
06 Sep The Beginning Of Nowhere 1 Comments
Entries in August 2012
30 Aug Hope For The Family: How A Husband Can Come Around 2 Comments
25 Aug What A Difference A Day Makes. "mommy You Are Big." 1 Comments
24 Aug Deliverance Has Certainly Begun. 0 Comments

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