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The Patient Celiac


Entries in July 2014
21 Jul Hope For A Less Challenging Gluten Challenge 1 Comments
21 Jul Celiac Disease Autoimmunity 0 Comments
Entries in May 2014
16 May Gluten-Related Neurologic Symptoms In Children 0 Comments
Entries in April 2014
30 Apr Gluten Intolerance Can Actually Be Subclinical Celiac Disease 3 Comments
Entries in February 2014
24 Feb Celiac Disease Can Be A Pain In The Joint 0 Comments
Entries in January 2014
18 Jan Celiac Disease In Children 0 Comments
06 Jan Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Madness.... 4 Comments
Entries in November 2013
22 Nov Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity In Children (Summary Of November 2013 Research Study) 0 Comments
01 Nov Early Feeding And Risk Of Celiac Disease In A Prospective Birth Cohort 2 Comments
Entries in October 2013
26 Oct The Celiac Iceberg Revisited At Icds 2013 6 Comments
16 Oct "celiac Disease Now" 4 Comments
Entries in September 2013
19 Sep My, Oh My, Peripheral Neuropathy 5 Comments
Entries in August 2013
23 Aug Women With Celiac Disease, We Are Not Alone... 0 Comments
13 Aug Should Your Kids Be Screened For Celiac Disease? 0 Comments
08 Aug Celiac Disease And Multiple Food Intolerances 2 Comments
Entries in July 2013
06 Jul Celiac Disease And Endometriosis 9 Comments
Entries in June 2013
20 Jun "up To Date" Management Of Celiac Disease In Adults 9 Comments
20 Jun Non-Responsive Celiac Disease 0 Comments
Entries in April 2013
24 Apr Celiac Disease And The Thyroid Gland 0 Comments
Entries in March 2013
18 Mar Let's Talk About Celiac Disease And Infertility 0 Comments
09 Mar The Gluten Contamination Elimination Diet (Summary Of Dr. Fasano's Recent Paper) 10 Comments
Entries in February 2013
12 Feb Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity 4 Comments
12 Feb Celiac Disease And The Innate Immune System 0 Comments
05 Feb Yes, It Is "safe" To Raise Non Celiac Kids Gluten Free 4 Comments
Entries in January 2013
24 Jan The Effects Of Gluten On The Brain And Nervous System 2 Comments
21 Jan Eosinophilic Esophagitis And Celiac Disease 0 Comments
20 Jan Introducing Gluten To The Baby At Risk For Celiac Disease 0 Comments
20 Jan Celiac Disease And Pregnancy 4 Comments

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