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Winter Squash Souffle

Entry posted by domesticactivist · - 248 views

This post is part of The Healthy Home Economist's [url=""]Monday Mania[/url]!

I have never had any kind of souffle, so I am not sure if these little treats resemble it in any way other than it puffs up and falls. When I hit on this recipe, the kids were immediately in seventh heaven. Souffle is our number one requested food around here.

[b]Winter Squash Souffle[/b]
Serves 4
1/4 c [url=""]nut butter[/url]
1 c [url=""]winter squash[/url], cooked
8 large eggs
4 T ghee
[*]Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
[*]Place 1 T ghee in each of four 1.5 c (or larger) oven safe dishes (mugs work well) and place in oven to melt.
[*]Blend nut butter and winter squash. Add eggs and mix well.

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