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Blue Cheese

Entry posted by Skylark · - 11,504 views

If you're ultra-sensitive, there is the blue cheese question too. Many blue cheeses are 100% naturally gluten free but some artisan cheeses have the mold culture started on bread. There is still no detectable gluten in the finished cheese so even the cheeses with cultures that were started on bread are safe for almost all of us. If you're unlucky enough to react to distilled alcohols or other grain-based products that also have no detectable gluten it's something to be aware of.

This is a fabulous article from the Canadian Celiac Society about blue cheese with the testing.

Source: [url=]Opinions On Black Diamond Cheese[/url]


1 Comment

I love Blue Cheese Dressing ! I have found that "LIGHTHOUSE BLUECHEESE DRESSING" is Gluten Free! I am so thankful for that!

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