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Cancer Risk 47% Lower--risk Of Heart Disease Is 48% Higher In Those With Celiac Disease

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[font="Arial"][size=2] 12/11/2006


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The study by Laura Yick was conducted on previously undiagnosed celiac disease patients, and so untreated celiac disease likely had a lot to do with the higher incidence of heart disease and mortality rates.

The above study seems to have been conducted on diagnosed celiac disease patients. My own personal theory is, that most people with celiac disease eat way more gluten-free replacement foods (replacements for wheat products, that is) than is good for them, since they are much higher in carbs and sugars than their wheat or rye counterparts, and lower in fiber.

I wonder how those studies would come out if they had a control group of people who eat mostly naturally gluten-free foods, and have those gluten-free goodies (bread, pasta, cookies, cake etc.) as the occasional treats.

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