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Events for September 22, 2012

in Gluten-Free Community Calendar

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----- Gastro 2013 APDW/WCOG Shanghai, China

Dear Colleagues,

The Scientific Programme Committee for Gastro 2013 APDW/WCOG Shanghai is now assembled and we are beginning to plan the core programme. As you may know, this meeting is being organised jointly by the Asian Pacific Digestive Week Federation (APDWF), Chinese Societies of Digestive Diseases (CSDD) and the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) in association with the World Endoscopy Organization (WEO). The congress will take place, 21-24 September 2013, at the Shanghai Expo Convention Center in Shanghai, China. I know that we will be able to rely on your support to help promote this meeting and to make it a premier presentation in global gastroenterology.

We plan to continue the highly successful "Working Parties" programme which has been a distinctive activity of previous world congresses and has resulted in the publication of important documents including the "Sydney Classification" and "The LA Grading System". We invite your organization to submit proposals for topics for consideration. These should represent areas in need of a ‘new look’ or where real guidance is required on classification, diagnostic criteria or therapeutic strategies. Needless to say, Working Party topics which focus on key global issues in gastroenterology and hepatology will be of special interest.

Key selection criteria are as follows:

- Each Gastro 2013 partner, regional affiliated association and national member society can submit no more than two topics for consideration

- Topics submitted should have a global perspective focusing on topical issues in gastroenterology which, when addressed, will help change treatment and management protocols

- Members of the Working Party should include representatives from all zones

- Proposals should include the following:

1. Topic

2. Suggested Working Party Chair(s)

3. Suggested Working Party members

4. Justification for the selection of the proposed topic

5. Outline of Working Party strategy

6. Summary of expected outcome and impact

Each of the Working Parties selected will receive a limited budget (to be determined) with which to support meeting and communication costs. Attempts to minimise expenditure will be appreciated. Logistical support (that is, assistance with the booking of meeting rooms, etc.) will be provided for Working Parties wishing to meet during DDW and APDW.

The final deadline for submission of proposals is April 15, 2012. The selection of topics will be undertaken by the Scientific Programme Committee and approved by the Steering Committee.

We expect that as in the past, selected Working Party reports will be submitted for publication in a high-impact, peer review journal and published in a special supplement to e-WGN. The results may also be posted on the various participating society websites.

We strongly urge you to take up this invitation and present us with your ideas and suggestions by the required deadline date. Your contribution to the Working Party Programme of Gastro 2013 is crucial, and we look forward to receiving your proposals.


Professor Eamonn Quigley Professor Kentaro Sugano

Co-Chair Co-Chair

Scientific Programme Committee Scientific Programme Committee

Cc: Gastro 2013 Steering Committee; Gastro 2013 Scientific Programme Committee; WGO Committee, Interest Group and Task Force Chairs


----- Omaha, NE - Gluten/Allergen Free Expo

OMAHA, NE. -- ECHO Event Solutions in collaboration with Support Groups,
> are proud to present the premiere Heartland of America Gluten/Allergen Free
> Expo in Omaha, Nebraska. on September 23rd of 2012 at DC Center, 11830
> Stonegate Dr., Omaha, NE 68164. ECHO Event Solutions has brought many Local
> and National vendors into the spotlight in cities across the nation
> including the Charlotte, N.C. Gluten/Allergen Free Expo which is in
> its third successful year.
> The goal of the event is to build awareness and raise funds for the Celiac
> Sprue Association summer camps for children with celiac disease and other
> conditions which require adherence to a gluten-free diet with other
> allergen-free choices, and to raise funds for a Gluten Free Summer Camp for
> children with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Equally important is to
> highlight local and national companies that are producing exceptional
> gluten-free/allergen-free products that are equivalent or superior to
> typical products that contain gluten.
> "Availability of high-quality gluten-free and allergen-free breads, baking
> mixes, pizzas and restaurant menus has exploded over the last few years,
> making it much easier and more satisfying to live gluten/allergen-free. We
> bring the best of the best to the community and connect them to the people
> who need more options." said Nikki Everett, Event Director of ECHO Event
> Solutions, Founder of R.O.C.K.(Raising Our Celiac Kids) Charlotte and
> mother of a 10-year-old daughter with celiac disease.
> Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that damages the small intestine
> and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food. When people with
> celiac disease eat foods or use products containing gluten, a protein in
> wheat, rye, barley and possibly oats, their immune system responds by
> damaging or destroying villi—the tiny, fingerlike protrusions lining the
> small intestine that allow nutrients from food to be absorbed into the
> bloodstream. Without healthy villi, a person becomes malnourished, no
> matter how much food one eats. Researchers have found that more than 3
> million Americans have the disease, or about 1 in 133 people, and that the
> prevalence of the disease is rising. The only treatment for celiac disease
> is complete elimination of gluten in the diet. Other conditions that may be
> improved by elimination of gluten in the diet are autism and Type 1
> diabetes. There are many links to celiac disease and other sensitivities to
> foods like dairy, casein, and soy.
> The Gluten-Free/Allergen-Free Expo events will occur from 11:00 am ­ 4:00
> pm and will include educational presentations by experts in the fields of
> celiac disease and illnesses which benefit from a gluten free diet to
> culinary help from renowned Chefs and Cookbook Authors. Please see event
> features at www.omahaglutenfreeexpo.blogspot.com
> Special Guest: Mrs. United States 2011, Shannon Ford is a former Miami
> Dolphin Cheerleader and has celiac disease. As part of her platform to
> raise awareness, she is speaking and appearing in events across the nation
> and has become an advocate for those who live gluten free or on a paleo
> diet. She has currently become a contributor to Delight Gluten Free
> Magazine, an international publication.
> Shelly Asplin, MA, RD, LMNT - Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Program
> Coordinator
> Celiac Sprue Association
> Beckee Moreland - Director of gluten-free industry initiatives for the
> National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, GREAT Kitchens programs, which
> educates operators on gluten-free dining.
> ECHO Event Solutions has begun an initiative for a donation program to
> coincide with their events which will be a partnership with Heartland Hope
> Mission Food Bank to supply, and deliver gluten/allergen free food
> donations. ECHO strives to lessen our wastefulness while caring for local
> communities. The second initiative is a scholarship fund to send children
> with celiac disease or gluten intolerance to a summer camp that is gluten
> free. It is our way of doing ethical business we can take pride in being a
> part of and gives us a standard to maintain.
> For more information about the Gluten-Free/Allergen-Free Expo, including
> interviews with Mrs. U.S. 2011, Shannon Ford, visit
> http://www.gfvendori...o.blogspot.com<
> http://www.charlotte...logspot.com/>or
> contact event organizer Nikki Everett at irresistiblyglutenfree@gmail.

----- Philadelphia, PA - Appetite for Awareness

Sunday, September 23, 2012 | 1-5 p.m.
The Historic Strawbridge Building
8th and Market Streets | Philadelphia

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