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Events for September 07, 2012

in Gluten-Free Community Calendar

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Visit some of the most beautiful and historic areas of the Mediterranean - the Greek Islands, Croatia, Turkey and Italy.
A 10 night deluxe cruise with a specially designed Bob & Ruth's Gluten-free Menu, daily cruise activities, nightly informative port talks - even a Private Farewell Gluten-free Cocktail Party in the Crows Nest Lounge. The ports of call fantastic - in Greece we'll visit Corfu, Katakolon, Santorini and Piraeus - Messina in Sicily - Dubrovnik in Croatia and in Turkey - Ephesus.
Then we'll spend 3 nights in Rome with hotel, meals (except 1 lunch), city and Vatican tours included.
And if that's not enough, if you make your reservations by November 22, 2011 you will get a free upgrade from a Category D to C.
Check out all the details on our website at http://bobandruths.com .

----- Helsinki, Finland - Better Life for Coeliacs Conf.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Finnish Coeliac Society, University of Tampere's Coeliac Disease Study Group led by Professor Markku Mäki and AOECS are organizing Better Life for Coeliacs 2012 Conference in Helsinki on September 6 - 9, 2012. This unique event brings patient organisations, academic professionals and gluten-free products and coeliac disease diagnostics industry together under the same roof.

Better Life for Coeliacs 2012 including AOECS 26th General Assembly Internet pages and registration are now open at www.confedent.fi/blc2012/ Please note that Early Bird registration closes by 30, April and that AOECS delegates may only register on AOECS Registration Form.

We would highly appreciate, if you could share this information and the web page link to professionals in your country; coeliac disease researches and doctors, dieticians, gluten-free producers etc.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

It is our honour to warmly welcome you all to Helsinki!

Kind regards from sunny Finland,

Leila Kekkonen Nanna Puntila
Executive Director Event Coordinator

----- Helsinki, FinIand Intn'l Celiac Scientific Conf.

Celiac.com Entry:

International Coeliac Disease Scientific Conference will be organized in
Helsinki, Finland, September 6-9, 2012, Better Life for Coeliacs.

The scientific coeliac meeting itself will take place on Friday Sept 7 and Sat Sept 8.

For more info please visit http://www.confedent.fi/blc2012/

for early bird
registration is July 31, 2012

for free paper abstracts (will be presented as posters) is Aug 10, 2012.

On behalf of the organizing committee

Markku Maki, MD. PhD


AcademicCommunity, Patient Organisations and Industry Get Together

HotelHilton Kalastajatorppa, Helsinki, Finland Sept 6-9, 2012

ACombined Conference of

Associationof European Coeliac Societies, AOECS 26th General Assembly, CoeliacYouth of Europe (CYE) Meeting


InternationalCoeliac Disease Scientific Conference

ThursdaySept 6, 2012

Registration,Reception, Dinner

Programmefor the

InternationalCoeliacDisease Scientific Conference

Academiameets AOECS member societies and industry

FridaySept 7, 2012,parallel to the AOECS meeting

Targetgroups: Scientists, CoeliacDisease for Researchers, Medical

Doctors,Food Technology Researchers, Nutritionists, other Specialists andAdvisors of Patients’ Organisations

8.15 MarkkuMäki, Finland

Openingof the Meeting

Chairman Chaitan Khosla, USA

8.30 MatejOresic, Finland

SystemsBiology in Health and Disease (45 min)

9.20 SashaZhernakova, TheNetherlands

FromNovel Genes to Gene Function in Coeliac Disease (20min)

9.45 Shuo-WangQiao, Norway

BiologicalEffects of Gluten-reactive T Cells in Coeliac Disease


10.10 Break& posters

Chairman FritsKoning, The Netherlands

10.30 RobertAnderson, USA

CoeliacT CellEpitopes in Cereals (20 min)

10.55 PäiviSaavalainen, Finland

DeepSequence Insight into Gluten-specific T-cells (20 min)

11.20 IlmaKorponay-Szabo, Hungary

TG2Epitopes for Coeliac Autoantibodies and Their Significance (20 min)

11.45 KatriLindfors, Finland

BiologicalEffects of Coeliac IgA (20 min)

12.10 Lunch& posters

Chairman PeterGreen, USA

13.30 UmbertoVolta, Italy

Comparisonand Standardization of Serum Antibody Tests in Coeliac Disease (20 min)

13.55 KatriKaukinen, Finland

CoeliacDisease without Mucosal Lesions (20 min)

14.20 CarloCatassi, Italy

GlobalEpidemiology of Coeliac Disease (20 min)

14.45 Break& posters

Chairman BanaJabri, USA

15.10 YolandaSanz, Spain

Microbiotaand Coeliac Disease (20 min)

15.35 BanaJabri, USA

Whereis the Animal Model for Coeliac Disease? (20 min)

16.00 DetlefSchuppan, Germany

InnateImmunity and Coeliac Disease

Chairman ChaitanKhosla, USA

16.25 Panel:Coeliac DiseasePathogenesis, Why Are We Not There Yet?

ChaitanKhosla, USA, Frits Koning, The Netherlands, Detlef Schuppan,Germany, Bana Jabri,USA, Robert Anderson, USA, Ilma Korponay-Szabo, Hungary, Joe Murray,USA, Elena Verdu, Canada.


SaturdaySept 8, 2012

Target groups: All delegates, academy,industry, patient organization representatives

Chairman JoeMurray, USA

8.15 IlmaKorponay-Szabo, Hungary

Howgood are Antibodies in Diagnosing Coeliac Disease (20 min)

8.40 SteffenHusby, Denmark

NewPaediatric Diagnostic Criteria in Coeliac Disease (20 min)

9.05 PekkaCollin, Finland

UnconventionalClinical Presentations in Coeliac Disease (20 min)

9.30 MariosHadjivassiliou, UK

Motorand Behavioural Disorders in Coeliac Disease (20 min)

9.55 AlessioFasano, USA

Non-CoeliacGluten Sensitivity (20 min)

10.20 Break& posters

Chairman DetlefSchuppan, Germany

10.40 KatriKaukinen, Finland

Burdenof Coeliac Disease, Impact on Patients and Health Care (20 min)

11.05 JoeMurray, USA

UnrecognizedCoeliac Disease (20 min)

11.30 PeterGreen, USA

Non-responsiveCoeliac Disease (20 min)

11.55 ChaitanKhosla, USA

Pathways for New Drug and DeviceDevelopment for Coeliac Disease

(30 min)

12.30 Lunch& posters

Chairman MarkkuMäki, Finland

13.40 NovelTreatments, Where Are We Today?

RobertAnderson, USA

AVaccine for Coeliac Disease

JoeMurray, USA

LarazotideAcetate, a Tight Junction Regulator as a Novel Treatment in CoeliacDisease

ElenaVerdu, Canada

BL-7010:A Novel Non-AbsorbablePolymeric Binder for the Treatment of Celiac Disease

MartinHils, Germany

SelectiveBlockers of Tissue Transglutaminase for Coeliac Disease Therapy

DanAdelman, USA

GlutenDegradation by the Glutenase ALV003, a Novel Drug for CoeliacDisease

15.00 Break& posters

Chairman HannuSalovaara, Helsinki

15.30 FritsKoning, The Netherlands

Non-toxicWheat for Coeliacs (20 min)

15.55 Päivi Kanerva, Finland

MeasuringGluten Content in Food Matrices and Processed Foods (20 min)

16.20 LuisaMearin, The Netherlands

Resultsof the EU PreventCD Project (20 min)

16.45 IlmaKorponay-Szabo, Hungary

Pointof Care Testing in Coeliac Disease, Pros and Cons (20 min)

17.10 Endof Meeting

GalaDinner at Hotel Hilton Kalastajatorppa

----- Dallas, TX Gluten & Allergen Free Expo

Don't miss the largest gluten-free Expo to come to the state of Texas! The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo is presented by Living Without Magazine.

Over 100 vendors will be sampling and selling their products. Cooking classes, general education classes, gluten-free 101 classes: all included with your vendor fair ticket.

Purchase tickets ahead of time online to avoid the lines. Due to the large number of people, we do not allow strollers in the ballroom.

The Westin Park Central Hotel
Dallas, TX

General Public Hours: 10am-2pm
Early Admission Hours: 9am

Go to www.gfafexpo.com for details and to purchase tickets.

----- Coeliac Disease: Something Old, Something New


Book before 29th August and pay only £40.00

Refresh your knowledge and stay up-to-date on clinical practices on Coeliac Disease. Changes are occurring rapidly and also in food labeling on a daily basis. Patients will be aware of these changes and explaining them and understanding which children should be referred and which ones should not, is now a key element of your clinical practice for 2012.

Register online before 29th August and pay only £40.00! Registration is an easy and convenient process and can be carried out via your Smartphone or computer.

Click below to Register for Coeliac disease 2012:

Posted Image

Course Highlights Include:

  • The Clinical Picture, Epidemiology and Diagnostic Tools
  • Genetics
  • Dietetic Forum
  • The Patient's Story
  • How Much Gluten is Too Much?
  • Wheat or No Wheat - That is the Question....and by the Way, What About Oats?
  • Ask the Panel all you Ever Wanted to Know About Coeliac Disease and Diet
  • Coeliac UK: Important Role in Research and Patient Advocacy
  • New BSPGHAN and ESPGHAN Guidelines
The coeliac scientific programme has been designed to deliver a programme designed to cover all your needs in the field of Coeliac disease. The course will be taught by renowned experts from across the UK.

Posted Image

Eosinophilic Gut Diseases Study Day Book before

11th August and pay only £100.00

The emergence of Eosinophilic Disease has been dramatic in the last ten years. There is a universal acceptance of Eosinophilic disorders of the Osephagus but little acceptance of the condition or uniformity of diagnosis and treatments of the conditions outside of the Osephagus. This day will bring experts from the USA and UK to exchange ideas, impart expertise and knowledge in the areas of diagnosis and treatments.

Click below to Register for Eosinophilic Gut Diseases 2012:

Posted Image

Course Highlights Include:

  • Classifications of Eosinophilic Disorders
  • Allergic Dysmotility - Nerves and Inflammation
  • The Clinical Picture of Eosinophilic Oesophagitis
  • What is an Eosinophil and are they LIARs
  • The Role of the Allergist in Eosinophilic Disorders
  • Dietary Treatments for EGID
  • Standard Therapies for EGID
  • The New Medications on the Horizons and Possible Cures
The Academy of Paediatric Gastroenterology has planned a scientific programme for this course that includes some of the foremost experts in this field. Don't miss out on your opportunity to learn more about Eosinophilic Gut Disease - reserve your place today!

Why not attend both courses?

Both courses are aimed towards the following target audience:

  • Trainee/Consultant in General Paediatrics
  • Trainee in Paediatric Gastroenterology
  • Dietitian
  • Nurse
  • GP's
  • Allied Healthcare Professional
  • If you have been exposed to Eosinophilic Disorders

For more information, please click here or email apg@kenes.com.

September 2012

Celebrating Today

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