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  2. The puffiness in my face went down a lot after I went gluten free. Old photos shock me sometimes now! Your doctor should be able to test you for food intolerance? Here in UK I did tests for wheat, nut, mustard etc. You can do a blood test and there's also skin prick tests I think, am sure others here would know more. Good luck
  3. Here in the UK I can't eat Lay's owned Walkers crisps as even the ones without gluten ingredients can cause a reaction. I read it was something to do with their production processes. Looks like others have same problems too:
  4. Don't apologise! Not needed here at least where people know exactly what you're going through. As Cyclinglady says, you're now in a grieving process for the former, carefree attitude to food you've now lost. You may find this helpful in understanding the psychological journey you're on: It WILL get better. Eating cleanly is very good advice as you heal but you can then find the replacement snacks and treats that are safe to eat. I now know which chocolate bars are ok, which brands of crisps (chips) are safe etc. I don't drink now, but I did find there were some fantastic ciders that I could tolerate and you've always got wine! In fact one of the weirder discoveries post gluten was that my past (vicious) hangovers were far more about gluten reactions than the alcohol itself. A cider hangover is a breeze in comparison All the best!
  5. I ate some baked lays last night and felt very sick all night and haven't been feeling great all day today. Other than that I didn't eat anything different from what I normally eat and there was no risk of cross contamination with anything.. These were the only thing I had that was different. They're labeled gluten free so I figured it would be okay, but I started feeling sick pretty soon after eating them. I'm not sure if it's another ingredient in them or what (and i know it's not the soy).. Has anyone else had a reaction to lays potato chips?
  6. Welcome Ashley! Here are the current tests. The DGP versions seem to work a bit better than the TTG in small children. So, ask for the complete panel (and get it all in one 15 year still hates to get blood drawn ! Your doctors are wrong! They must be reading old medical text books. Not all kids or people have failure to thrive! You can even be symptom free!. I was anemic and had no intestinal issues when I was diagnosed. celiac disease affects everyone differently and that's probably why so many folks are not diagnosed. Your kids (parents, siblings too) should be tested every few years (sooner if symptoms develop) per all the leading celiac researchers/doctors if a first-degree relative has celiac disease (like you!) celiac disease can develop at any age! Hope this helps!
  7. Do you have celiac disease? This is a celiac forum and that's what we are most knowledgeable about. Amalgam fillings do not have lead that I know. What you read was probably mercury. You could have them removed, but only by a dentist who has the knowledge and skill. I think you need to do some more research so that you can make an informed decision. I wish you well.
  8. Welcome! Go ahead and rant! Scream and holler! Weep. It is totally normal to go through a grieving process. We have all been there! You are NOT alone! When you pick yourself off the floor, start researching. Learn about the gluten free diet. Start with easy-to-digest foods that are naturally gluten free (meat, fish, veggies, fruit, etc.). You may have to give up dairy for a short time until your villi heal (the villi tips release enzymes that help digest lactose (milk sugars). Skip all the processed foods until you are improving. That will give yourself time to forget what bread really tastes like. Avoid eating out for a few months -- it's easy to get cross contamination. Best to explain your gluten-free needs when you, yourself, "get it". Read our Newbie 101 thread under "Coping" for valuable tips. You can go out and drink with your friends. You might have to avoid alcohol for a few months. But when healed you can drink! Just no beers, malted beverages. Most distilled liquor (e.g. volka) is gluten free. So, is wine. Skip the gluten free beer for a long time. Find other celiacs in your area. In the meantime, visit with us. It does get better.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm going through some health issues right now and when searching for possible causes of my symptoms and blood test results, I see lead poissoning popping up quite a few times. Now, I have many amalgam fillings in my mouth since childhood, so naturally I'm thinking if that might play a role and if removing them would make a difference. But from what I read online removing the amalgam fillings is not recommended and does not bring any health benefits. I have mixed feelings about this issue and would really appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance for any comments. Greetings from Mexico. :-)
  10. gluten food allergies

    Welcome! If you suspect you might have an issue with gluten, you should really get tested for celiac disease. At least rule it out before you go gluten free. Why? There are so many other health issues that can be related to celiac disease. Here's some information about getting an easy blood test: If you suspect allergies (reference your edema), I would see an allergist too. I wish you well!
  11. so i was just recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and I am having trouble wrapping my head around it.... While i know that maintaining a gluten free diet is going to help me feel better - i can't get over the fact that i cannot eat my favorite foods anymore.. no more pizza, no more pasta, no more wheat thins.......... yes i realize there are gluten free versions of all of these but it's obviously just not the same. I can't just go out and grab a couple drinks at the bar with my friends anymore..... i really do not know how to handle this and it's already wearing me down. I feel like after living for 28 years my entire life has flipped upside down and everything is going to change... i'm sorry for sounding like such a lost puppy but i just wanted to vent a little bit and see how you all deal with this... i told my friends about it and they act like it is so not a big deal at all but to me it feels like my world has come crashing down
  12. Would hot yoga help the puffiness in face due to other food sensitivities? or Asuanas? How to determine if you have a histamine intolerance or other food sensitivities?
  13. A good diet for avoiding type 2 diabetes

    I hope you do well on your new diet cristiana, whatever it turns out to be. Another site with lots of paleo diet info is Marks Daily Apple. He also lists cooking oils that are good for you vs bad for you to eat. Try searching his site for topics of interest. I am not too interested in the paleo diet backstory as such. But it seems like a good diet for many people to try at least. The diabetes forum has good info also, from people with diabetes vs doctors. They used to have a chat for people to ask questions, but I don't know i that is still active. From memory, some of the people there limited themselves to 1 cracker a day's worth of carbs. And they were off their medication completely. Mostly against doctors advice about diet, but some doctors give bad advice about diabetes to people. Like telling people they have to eat carbs to be healthy, which is not true.
  14. Good evening, I tested positive about 15 years ago. I have a 3 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. I just had them both tested for Celiac's. Ped ran a celiac panel. My son the nurse said was all in normal range however my daughters IGA total was 23, range (24-121) so she test positive. The doctor wants to run more blood work to make sure it's not a false positive. My gut says she has it. She does not like any bread or cookies so she really only gets gluten from pasta and goldfish so to even test positive on an almost gluten-free diet make me concerned. Is there anything I should ask the doctor to test for or better tests for kids? I just don't want to miss anything. Before when I would bring it up at visits the doctors always said that since they did not have any failure to thrive ( always top of growth charts) that they weren't showing any symptoms. I never had any issues with losing weight. My only complains or constipation joint pain and gas which she has both. Thanks for any advice.
  15. being new to this, I have started avoiding gluten and dairy. I seem to be sensitive to other foods like corn, tomatoes, bananas, and possibly grains and sugars. I still get puffy in the face whenever I eat certain things. other than blood testing, does any meds help with this? Also, is gas X gel tablets ultra strength gluten free?
  16. Welcome! I am not a doctor, but with your test results you should continue to go forward in the diagnostic process. My main symptom was anemia and I didn't even have gut issues at all! People with celiac disease can present in many ways. My blood test was mildly positive yet my biopsy (via endoscopy) revealed moderate to severe intestinal damage. I would spent time learning about celiac disease and make sure you do not start the gluten free diet before all testing is complete. This is critical in getting an accurate diagnosis. Learn more:
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  18. Aww...that was a good one. Thank you for sharing.
  19. My doctor thinks i might have coeliac disease, but i hope not, the thought of not being allowed to eat all the things i love to eat for the rest of my days is daunting! Changes to social life, eating out, bbq's and the all the other joys of life would be immense! I have had two blood tests done for celiac disease, the first one came back as 7.2 u/ml (normal range 0.0 - 6.9 u/ml) The second one which was taken about a month later came back as 22.0 u/ml What do these results generally suggest? I am a 47 year old UK male. 13 stone. 6ft tall. I'm booked into see the gut specialist next month and to get a biopsy done. My symptoms which have been going on for about 8 months now include bouts of diarrhea, slight upper stomach aches, fatigue/weak feeling joints in lower body like legs, knees, hips and feet, tingling/burning/stinging feeling in buttock area and backs of legs. slight pins and needles in fingers and toes, slight bloating, small patchy rashes/dry skin that come and go. All of my symptoms are never really that bad, but they all just come and go and are a bit uncomfortable, sometimes they do get worse, but it doesn't stop me getting on with my daily life. Just want to get to the bottom of what could be wrong. When i eat breads, cakes & cereals (which i do a lot) i don't really notice that it makes my symptoms any worse, so can this be down to gluten? Any advice much appreciated. Regards J.
  20. Thanks for posting that! It looks very promising.
  21. This is what they should be doing......treatments that do not involve suppressing your immune system. They also think it may be useful in treating Sjogren's and Crohn's disease, which got my attention because I have Sjogren's. The current options just are not good enough. I am not one to take meds unless I am near death but this looks so promising!
  22. A good diet for avoiding type 2 diabetes

    Hi Cristiana, Good for you to get it checked out! That was smart. 2 paleo websites that I like and have cooked from are ElanasPantry and AgainstAll Grain. Both have some yummy recipes. Just made one for dinner last night. I won't add any other info as it sounds like you've got lots to read already! I hope you get something figured out that helps! My sweet tooth is also dreadful. Hugs
  23. Favorite Hamburger Buns?

    Hi there...this is a tough thing to find! My favorite right now is from Outside the Breadbox, they're local for me, but I think can be ordered. I found Canyon Bakehouse to be pretty good. I'm getting ready to try Three Bakers too. I do lettuce wraps also because I do enjoy them.
  24. Tina Turbin is a world-renowned Celiac advocate who researches, writes, and consults about the benefits of the gluten-free, paleo-ish, low carb and ... View the full article
  25. Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in wheat and related grains, such as barley, rye, oat, spelt, kamut and triticale. People who have celiac disease or ... View the full article
  26. Favorite Hamburger Buns?

    I've only tried a couple buns and wasn't real happy with them. Not awful but both kinds fell apart. Then I found the 'Against the Grain' baguettes. Those work very well for me. They have a nice crust that holds together and reminds me of a good Italian bread. Make a real good cheeseburger sub.
  27. Favorite Hamburger Buns?

    Same for me. Actually I do really likes trader joes bread. The buns, not so much. I prefer my hamburger in a lettuce wrap too
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