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    • Will this be dangerous considering how long I have to wait for any testing? I may not even get a blood test in November but here is hoping. I just worry having to wait so long will cause serious issues, not to mention delay of weight loss which I need for the pre-diabetes. Do ulcers have a chance to cause yellow stools though? I suppose a stool test will be needed for that for any signs of blood in stools but visually it does not seem so. The biggest issue is not knowing what else could be causing the yellow stools as this would not be a diabetic or ulcer thing. And without negative signs on the gallbladder or liver, it is narrowing down the list.

      At the very least this is making me assume I can wait on a final scan of gallbladder and attempt blood tests and endoscopy if they recommend it.
    • The first step is getting a celiac blood panel.   Any medical doctor can order one.  Live near Chicago?  They are do free screenings this month (check their website).  The cost is less than $400 for the complete panel.  If you get a positive on any one of them, then you should be referred to a GI for an endoscopy to obtain intestinal biopsies.   Here's more information from a reliable source and not just some lady on the internet: Having had my gallbladder removed (probably ruined from undiagnosed celiac disease, but I don't know that for sure), I would recommend a HIDA scan.  I have no idea how expensive that one is.  It's a nuclear test that checks for functionality.  Basically, is your gallbladder squeezing bile into your small intestines when those fries or bacon come down the tube.  Mine happened to actually be rotting (infected).  ER suspected appendicitis, but it was a rotten gallbladder.  I never had any stones (that's what the CT or the ultrasound can find).  I am sorry that you are ill.  Keep eating gluten until all testing is complete.  This is important.  Go gluten free now?  Here's why you shouldn't.....  
    • Hi yams88, The first test usually done for celiac disease is the gliaden antibodies tests.  They are blood test that look for antibodies to gliaden protein, which is found in wheat.  The next test would be an endoscopy to take biopsy samples for microscopic examination.  They look for damage to the villi caused by the immune system attack characteristic of celiac disease. You need to keep eating gluten until all testing is completed.  The tests are not designed to work for some one who has not been eating gluten on a regular basis. You  may also have an ulcer, per the description of constant pain in the upper abdomen that gets worse with less food in your stomach. You want to get the complete celiac disease panel, which tests for several different antibodies types. Welcome to the forum, hopefully we can help you figure things out.
    • Welcome!   At least you know what the source of your illness is....celiac disease.  Now you have some validation.  Feel free to write a letter to your old doctors.  Be nice.  Maybe you'll save someone else from the diagnostic hell you've been through. Okay. There's a grieving period.  That's normal.  We've all been there.  Now the faster you go gluten free, the better you will feel.  It will not be immediate, but slowly you will get well.  It took you time to get really sick and time to heal. does and can cause all the problems you mentioned!  celiac disease affects so many areas of the body and not just the GI!   Read. Read. Read all that you can about celiac disease and the diet.  Start with our Newbie 101 thread located at the top of the "Coping" section of the forum.  It contains lots of common sense advice. has several articles on the main page that will help as well.   Gluten is everywhere and you need to figure out how to avoid it.  Cross contamination is real!  Bet your doctor just sent you on your way with a list of gluten-free restaurants!  Ha!   celiac disease is genetic.  So, your Mom should be tested.  All first-degree relatives should be tested even if they are symptom free.  Yes, there are silent celiacs!! Hang in there!    
    • Hi everyone! So a short-ish back story- in 2010 I went from being the healthiest I have ever been to the next day feeling like I had the flu. It was as if a light switched was flipped and it never went away. I spent all of 2010 sure I was dying- I was 25 years old and so freaked out. I went to several doctors who all said I was perfectly healthy. We moved in 2011 and I went to 3 more Doctors. One was a new GP who suggested it could be fibromyalgia. I went to another GP to confirm and will never ever forget that day. He told me that I was "fat" (I had gained 20 lbs. from being unable to run due to constant injuries on top of joint pain) and needed to decide if I wanted to be one of those "chronic people who spend there lives feeling sorry for themselves" and "pretending to be sick". Plus "fibromyalgia isn't a real disorder and it's all in my head" I left SOBBING. I couldn't even drive by his practice without tearing up. I have never felt so belittled in my life. I didn't stop though and in 2012 went to a Rheumatologist who said I had early arthritis and fibromyalgia. The meds helped me to live a semi normal life and helped to fight through the pain. In 2014 I went to a Gastroenterologist for the unbearable stomach cramps and bathroom issues. He did an endoscope and colonoscopy- I was told my esophagus was damaged and put on Dexilant. He also said I had IBS and sent me away. I started to think I was crazy, as did my family. My parents, sisters, my husband, all of them thought I was just being dramatic and just had a low pain tolerance. Because there was NO way I could be sick all the time. Even though my mom has the bathroom issues and joint pain that began in her mid twenties too but her's was never as severe as mine and she had given up long ago on getting an actual diagnosis- I was constantly reminded that she had those issues too and she still did "this and that and it's not an excuse you're just being lazy" . We moved again (we move for my hubby's work), this time to California and I had to get all new doctors. I lucked out by getting a psychiatrist who although expensive was well worth it. She listened and having a long background in other areas of medicine felt that something was wrong and was determined to figure it out. She ran a bunch of tests- a lot of inflammation markers which were all off the charts, a reticulocyte count that was crazy high, and finally the standard CBC had started to show issues. I had a high WBC, RBC, Platelets, and several others were off. My vitamin D was a measly 4 . 1  (the lowest she had ever seen) and my B-12 was low at 170. She got me into an autoimmune specialist who instantly suspected celiac disease. A month later all tests are back and it is Celiac. I feel like writing all of my previous Doc's to prove I  wasn't crazy!!! Even though I now have a diagnosis, I'm still confused as to how it's causing this myriad of symptoms! Within the last few months all cervical lymph nodes and glands have become enlarged, my liver is also very enlarged and causing me not to be able to breathe well laying down. I have drenching night sweats and wake up every night choking on acid I've thrown up (it takes 30 minutes of coughing to bring it all up and finally be able to go back to sleep) not to mention hematuria. Can one disorder cause ALL of that? Add on my 10 years of Infertility  and I'm just exhausted. I just don't know what to do. Will eliminating Gluten really solve all of my problems? More importantly today I realized that Gluten is in EVERYTHING!!!!  Agh!!
    • You're welcome! Yes, I too, hate waiting for lab results. Ugh!
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