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      Discussions regarding which mainstream products are gluten-free and which are not.

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      This part of the forum is for techniques and information on how to cope with celiac disease and the gluten-free diet

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      Discussions related to testing for celiac disease.

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      Discussions about additional non-gluten food intolerance issues, including cow's milk (casein), soy, eggs, corn, etc.

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      Discussions regarding which ingredients are safe and which are not, and food labeling issues.

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    14. Celiac Disease - Publications & Publicity

      Discussions related to books, articles and other press about celiac disease.

    15. Dermatitis Herpetiformis

      Discussions concerning the skin condition associated with celiac disease.

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      Discussions concerning how to maintain a gluten-free diet while traveling, including great gluten-free places to visit.

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      Discussions about how to lose or gain weight while on a gluten-free diet.

    18. Celiac Disease - Doctors

      Discuss experiences with doctors, how to find a doctor, etc.

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      This area is where Teenagers and Young Adults can discuss issues related to celiac disease and the gluten-free diet.

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      Discussions about living gluten-free in Canada, Australia, Asia & Pacific Rim, UK, Europe, etc.

    21. Celiac Disease - Pregnancy

      Discussions related to being pregnant with celiac disease.

    22. Celiac Disease - Friends and Loved Ones of Celiacs

      Non-celiacs discuss their experiences dealing with a friend or loved one with the disease.

    23. Celiac Meeting Room

      A Place where gluten-free people can meet each other--Adults only please.

    24. Celiac Disease - Sleep

      Discussions concerning sleeping problems and celiac disease.

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      Gluten-free athletes discuss fitness, sports nutrition, working out, etc.

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      Discussions concerning celiac disease support groups and support group meetings.

    27. Gluten Intolerance and Behavior

      Discussions concerning behavioral issues associated with the consumption of gluten.

    28. Super Sensitive Celiacs & Gluten Sensitive

      Non-scientific discussions for those who have been gluten free for at least 6-12 months and suspect they are reacting to lower levels of gluten than the vast majority of celiacs.

    29. Alternative Diets

      Discussions about alternative diets like the Vegetarian Diet, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), The Low FODMAP Diet. (FODMAP=Fermentable Oligo-Di-Monosaccharides and Polyols), etc.

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    • You might want to check out the Gluten Free Watchdog - just google it - and join. Very smart lady there who also has celiac disease. She's gone to the mats for us many times. She knows her stuff! 8 products are tested per month and there are many great articles and videos as well. She's the same lady who does the Gluten Free Dietician but on the Watchdog site, you get the test results of products as well as faster info. on breaking news.
    • After reading these few posts, I really think it all depends on where you live and the doctors attitude about the whole process. I think a biopsy is not always needed.  It depends on the circumstances and symptoms, etc.  Sometimes it is harder to piece together a proper diagnosis while other times it's so obvious.  Many people now do not even have GI issues, which used to be the hallmark of Celiac. This is why it is so difficult for some.  It would be nice if there was a very definitive test that was either positive or negative, with 100% accuracy!
    • Not to beat a dead horse here but I looked at the linked article you provided and it talked about exposure to animal feed in enclosed spaces, not driving or walking near wheat fields on a windy day.  Unless you are a farm hand, feeding cattle or horses with gluten containing feed in an enclosed, non-well ventilated area, it's not an issue. The Fasano diet is a short term diet for those who are slow to heal. Some people do have problems with grains and they found that putting them on a whole foods diet only, many of them went on to heal and could then consume processed gluten free food items like bread.  Lots of people do this in the beginning for faster healing. But it only works for people with Celiac Disease and you aren't even sure that is what the problem is. I posted this so anyone new to the diet reading these things will not become confused and think you cannot walk past a wheat field or a bakery. Inhaling visible wheat flour in a bakery is not a good idea for anyone with Celiac Disease and will make you sick/react and you won't be able to work in one but walking past bread or any gluten containing food is not cause for concern.
    • I react to certified gluten free breads, but it is NOT a gluten issue.  I react to Xanthan Gum.  I do just fine making my own baked goods from scratch subbing out the Xanthan Gum for guar gum.  My gluten-free hubby does well on commercially gluten-free baked goods.  It is just a food intolerance issue in my case.   Look to other ingredients.    
    • If you are certain that gluten is an issue, then ask your doctor to run a celiac panel.   I did when I was glutened last year.  My "glutened" symptoms changed so much that both my GI and I suspected something other than celiac disease flare-up, but blood tests revealed that I had gluten exposure.  This may be your chance to get a diagnosis.   Also, sick people come first in our house.  Everyone in your household, in my opinion, should be gluten free until your health improves or you learn to manage a shared house safely.   I wish you well.  
    • hey, NightSky, when i went gluten free i had to get on vitamins for two years to help my body heal.  i know you are going to see a doctor based on the comment thread, so while you are there get a blood test done to see how your vitamin levels are.  my B12 was so low i was sickly.  even had to cut off all my hair because i was too exhausted to wash it and brush out tangles.  it was a nightmare.  since you are living right next to places that prepare food my best suggestion is to relocate asap.  if you've got a while before your lease ends (if you do not own your home) save up some money and patch the place up as good as you can if you are entitled to deposit refunds to assist with moving fees.  as a sensitive celiac i can honestly say you are living in a danger zone for your health.  yes, you can inhale the dust and get ill from it and constant inhalation can keep you down no matter how healthy you eat at home and try to avoid CC in your own kitchen.  there is not much you can do about driving past a wheat field except make sure your car's a/c vent is set to inside air, not outside intake.  outside flow does save on gas but you are possibly sucking in wheat particles if you are using that feature.  also keep the windows rolled up.  i'm not going to say wear a mask, but if you can move to a safer home for your health and all that is left to bother you is the field and grocery shopping, it is perfectly fine to keep a mouth filter when you drive past that field and in the grocery store if you have to go by the bakery.  the bakery would make me sick when i shopped during their main cooking hours.  i try to shop late when they are closing that section down when i need to stock up on food.  there is less dust in the air and it might help.  if you feel weird wearing a little mouth cover in the store maybe write on it that you have a food allergy with a smiley face that way people can see you're just protecting yourself and not contagious with anything they should be worried about.  you can get a box of those filters at most stores in the cleaning aisle or just go to a hardware store and get some there.  since you also recently had a baby you need to take extra care of your immune system and you ought to be taking vitamins anyway.  if you are feeding baby naturally then you are losing a lot of your nutrients as it is and you need the boost.  when you buy prepackaged foods check the label for equipment warnings.  if it says made on shared equipment train yourself to put it back on the shelf and just don't even risk it.  buy only from companies that are dedicated gluten free if you can.  you can buy more online that is certifiably safe if that is an option for you.  also, call the companies if they don't label or if you want to know more about how they use a shared facility to evaluate your chances of being glutened by accident.  you are not crazy, this is not in your head.  one other major thing that turned around my health was ditching all my old beauty and cleaning products and switching to natural.  i use Dr. Bronner's soaps, liquid for cleaning, bar soap for shower.  i also use Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap.  it only has salt, olive oil, and some alcohol that gets cooked out through processing.  you might have a chemical allergy that you did not know about before you went gluten free because your body was handling too much at once.  now you can start to eliminate potentially offensive products in the house.  i hate to say it but, say goodbye to things like airwick, febreeze, and cheap scented air fresheners and candles.  find a holistic store that sells candles that are made with natural oils instead of synthetic.  it could change your whole life.  another thing to do is make sure you never ever put 409 cleaner in your microwave, fridge, and oven.  in fact, the Dr. Bronner's or Dawn Original will get the cleaning done as good as 409 and similar products.  if you used industrial type cleaner in the microwave, get rid of it and start fresh with a new one and make sure you clean it with only dawn and water or Bronner's Babysoft unscented soap.     i hope that helps.  i'm pipermarau on here and i don't sign on much but if you want to talk to someone i'll check my messages more often.  i had to totally clear out my house so i can help direct you towards some more friendly products.  as for bread, i'm sorry about that one.  i have a similar issue with it digesting hard and i can't find a bread alternative that works for me.  while i can eat some grains it seems that in bread form they don't agree with my system.  i also went gluten free with my pets.  if you have pets, try that, too.  their saliva can sometimes get you right after they eat.  i really hope your doctor can help and that this info can help, too.  i managed to survive a shared kitchen and i can help with that, too, but this is already a long reply.  if you feel like you need some more ideas there just let me know.   best of luck!!
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