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  1. Hello all I recently went to a new doctor that specializes in diet and he put me on two herbal supplements called ulcinex and esophaguard and i was woundering if anyone her has tried them?
  2. Anti-depression Meds

    Im on paxil and i quite like dad says im to wingy on it but it works for me....when i started taking it it was working really well but then they created a genaric brand (i live in canada) and my health care plan forces me to take the generic if its that stuff gave me such a bad stomach ache that i laid in bed and didnt even roll over or move an inch for a whole day.....i was even doing labour breathing to ease the pain while clutching the side of my bed side was the doctor switched me to celexa which worked fine and my dad said it made me more calm but after awile it just stopped my doctor put me back on paxil and wrote on the presciption that i had to have the name brand paxil so that my plan would cover yeah that story adds up to i like paxil but the generic stuff didnt agree so im thinking it could have gluten? i dont thats long
  3. hey sweetfudge.... My paper is still in the process...its due on monday.....most of my research had to be primary research and the secondary stuff had to be scholarly journal articles so i had to search through the databases at was a lot of
  4. Thank you so much for this stuff guys its awesome.....and i will try to call it celiac disease....i know that thats how you are suppose to spell it but its just such a hard habit to seems like it should have and s at the end....
  5. In Edmonton..... OPM!!!! is excellent!!! its chinese food and its gluten free and it is soooooooo good...I miss chinese food so much cause its so chalk full of gluten.....this place has a huge gluten free menu.....The curry shrimp and the five spice beef is fabulous!!!!! i recommend it 50 times over... also there is a chianti in edmonton too that has gluten free pasta.....
  6. Too Much Water?

    You can actually get drunk from drinking to much has something to do with brain one of my nursing classes my teacher told me about a psych patient that was on water restictions cause he'd drink himself drunk....mind you it has to be ALOT of water in a short period of time but i found that really interesting.....
  7. ...when you have a wishlist of gluten free foods you want to order off the internet...
  8. ive heard people mention it and i was wondering what it is?
  9. Anyone else wanna take a stab?i have to have this in on monday so anymore takers would be great!!!
  10. Sciatica

    I got sciatica from falling in the shower.....sounds like im only 20 lol
  11. spend a half an hour of your grocery shoping time in the bakery department sniffing till your nose hurts......'ve lost all embarassement about anyrthing that has to do with poo..... actually have to check the ingredients in immodium so that it doesnt cause diarreha... know you doctor and your pharmasists on a first name basis.... have mastered the art of public pooing..... have such bad gas you dont need a car to get to work..... have ever had a bunless hamburger.... .....your happy with eating food that "doesnt taste that bad.... read the labels on other peoples food.... refuse to eat anything if you cant look at a label first..... dream about cake..... know what the inside of you colon looks like....
  12. thank you so much guys this is awesome!!!!!
  13. Jittery.....

    last time i glutened myself i went nuts...i was sitting in class and shaking..its like my nervous system went was weird
  14. Well im a nursing student and we have to do a research paper on a topic of our choice. Since ive been doing the gluten free thing for a couple of months now i decided to do mine on celiacs. For my primary research i need some questions answered by people with condition so i devised a would help me greatly if you guys could fill it out..... What age were you diagnosed with celiac's/gluten intolerance? What were your most common symptoms? What are your symptoms when you eat gluten now? Do you consider yourself more sensitive to gluten now that you try to avoid it? Did you or your doctor come up with the celiacs/gluten intolerance diagnosis? Do you have any other food allergies/intolerances? If yes what? Does anyone else in your family have celiacs/gluten intolerance? Do you consider the world celiac/gluten free friendly? Explain. Do you think we need better food labelling laws? Explain. Does the world in your opinion need to be more educated about celiacs and gluten? thanx in advance for your time...
  15. does anyone know what choclate bars and candy are safe?