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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. alfinkel added a post in a topic Vegan Celiacs?   

      For ethical reasons, I've been vegetarian for 18 years and vegan for 2 years. I found out (blood tests positive, endoscopy/biopsy 100% conclusive) i was a celiac around 4 months ago.

      My symptoms were mainly terrible heartburn, arthritis, and depression.

      i've had my ups and downs on the diet, and the downs have come after specific instances where i can figure out where i wasn't careful enough (eating out, at relative's house). Overall, though, I've been doing better.
      i spoke with a nutrionist and a GI specialist and am doing very well nutrion-wise with Tofu, brown rice, many beans (especially chick peas-- my fave), blackstrap molasses taken daily as a supplement, and more nutbutters. I've had lots of bloodwork done at the hospital and all of the nutritional markers they can measure (folate, vitamins, etc.) show up very well for me. I also take a good quality gluten-free vegan multi-vitamin, Cosamin Ds, and Calcium Citrate.

      i am a 26 year old male athlete, and have had zero problems getting enough and varied enough protein...
      you just need to be educated and fastidious about what you're eating. I do, however, miss my veggie burgers and seitan stir-fry!!!

      As many of those on this board experienced, my downs have been much worse than prior to me starting the gluten-free diet, since my body is no longer so used to it. But, I'm working hard to eliminate that damn gluten as completely as possible.

      if i do develop problems with soy, i would do my best to stay vegan, and in a worse-case scenario eat low-level bivalve invertebrates, which to me is better ethically (and probably health-wise) than dairy. I'm very much hoping to avoid that, i do love my tofu and edamame.

      Of course, everyone's body is different and I don't mean to imply that those that struggle with the dietary limitations wrong or weak... This is just my take on things...

      Best of luck to you.
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    2. alfinkel added a post in a topic Soy Question   

      here's the publisher.

      they also talk about how great milk and cholesterol are.
      seems like a marketing plan...
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    3. alfinkel added a post in a topic Soy Question   

      Thanks for all the feedback! I'll continue eating soy and see how I feel my body recouperates from the years of gluten!
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    4. alfinkel added a topic in Other Food Intolerance and Leaky Gut Issues   

      Soy Question
      Hi, I am a 26 year old vegan, recently diagnosed with Celiac's.
      I've been on the diet for just under a week.
      I'm having difficult searching the board for some reason, so will make my own post.
      How do I find out if I have soy issues? Is there a test for that?
      Also, is it possible/likely that I will develop problems with soy in the future if I don't now?

      Being a celiac vegan, soy intolerance would be a major problem for me.

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