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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. Rebecca47 added a post in a topic A New Weight Loss Support/accountability Thread   


      I had some coffee (2 cups) this am and for lunch, I took my Mother who is not well, can hardly get around and my neice who was down from Portland, Or. She is flying back tonight at 8PM. We went to a Mexican Restaurant called "El Torrito " and there is only one menu item that is wheat and gluten free. I asked a waitress if there were any gluten free items, and she said one of her co-workers mom is also a celiac and eats the same thing and never a problem. Well she was right I did not have a problem with anything. Enchiladas Rancheros , that is all I have eaten today. may a cup of coffee in a bit. and a baked potatoe, for dinner
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    2. Rebecca47 added a post in a topic A New Weight Loss Support/accountability Thread   

      Hello all
      Its been awhile since I have on. Well I have gained about 30 lbs since being Dx in Aug, 2006. I used to be in size 0 to 3 and now I hate what i look like. I weigh approx. 140 and would like to lose about 10 or 15 lbs. People say I look good and healthy, which I like but i don't like the flab. Wow I never ever had flab before, and I'm not liking it. So can I join all of you ?
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    3. Rebecca47 added a post in a topic Healed And Never Get Sick   

      Hi everyone.
      I have been gluten free since Aug 2006, but I wonder sometimes when my stomach sticks out (bloated) slight Big D you know just a little loose. Maybe there is something I am missing. Some days are great then I some are bad. Can we really ever be healed ? I personally don't think so, but maybe. My body always feels bad somewhere. I have 4 surgeries on my right shoulder (may 2007) this year was the last and I still can't raise my arm. So this also makes me feel we never can heal. Just wanted to ad my 2 cents worth.
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    4. Rebecca47 added a topic in Gluten-Free Foods, Products, Shopping & Medications   

      Teriaki Sauce
      Any one know about LA CHOY brand teraki and soy sauce, There is no wheat or gluten listed and I also called and the recording say that they follow all rules and would list if it had any of the eight allergens in it.

      Anyway I have used it and had no problems. Thought you would like to know
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    5. Rebecca47 added a post in a topic Bay Area, Ca?   

      Hello I am from northern ca, up by santa rosa area. Anyway today is my one year anniversary of being diagnosed with CELIAC DISEAS!!! YAHOO I made it through the year.
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    6. Rebecca47 added a post in a topic gluten-free Ranch Dressing   

      I do the same thing, it's great. Put a little garlic fresh or bottle in yummy !!
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    7. Rebecca47 added a topic in Gluten-Free Ingredients & Food Labeling Issues   

      Orange Juice
      Hi everyone,

      Well I will get right to the point. Here is the question TROPICANA ORANGE JUICE VIT -D AND CALICIUM ADDED!!

      Well I just had some with my dinner which I know was ok nalleys gluten free chili and orida crispy frenc fries.

      I pretty sure that the OJ is what made me sick as you know what. What is it with citric acid I think I read somewhere that it is not good for celiacs I really don't know or remember.

      Anyone out there with an answer ? I haven't had this OJ in awhile and i really think it caused it.

      So bloated I feel 7 months pregnant and I know thats not the case LOL

      Help please
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    8. Rebecca47 added a post in a topic Eye Tic?   

      Count me in I have a twitchy left eye also. They are so weird. Anyway twitch on all.
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    9. Rebecca47 added a post in a topic Mental Confusion And Motor Probs From Glutening?   

      hI ANGEL 42 You are not alone. I get that way also. I have been gluten free since Aug. I have had a few glutenings and feel that way. I feel as if in a fog, at times anyway even dropping things. It gets better with time I hope.
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    10. Rebecca47 added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Jerseyangel   

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    11. Rebecca47 added a post in a topic Amy's Kitchen   

      Hello Everyone,
      Yesterday I received an answer from AMY'S KITCHEN. Sorry that it is long.

      Dear Rebecca
      Thank you for the time you spent with me discussing the reaction experience after consuming Amys Kitchen
      The bottom line was that they had there product tested and they say there was NO DETECTABLE LEVEL OF GLUTEN in the product selected for testing.

      While we did not find gluten in the product, will continue to monitor this product and have set up an ALERT PROCESS THROUGH THE CONSUMER SERVICES DATABASE SO THAT THEY CAN RESPOND QUICKLY IF THEY GET A RELATED CALL FROM ANOTHER CONSUMER.
      Amys kitchen response
      They say Amy's kitchen is dedicated to the manufacture of products that are delicious, nutriousand safe to consume. They go on to say that they hope I will continue to purchase Amy's Kitchen products in the future. They sent me two free coupons for Amy's Products.

      They finish by saying that,
      As you know Amy's Kitchen is a family business. We truly appreciate hearing from our customers especially when there might be problems. Consumer comments prompt us to check our systems to make sure proceders are being followed and to take corrective action if anything is amiss. Again thanks for your concern and tim.

      University of Neb

      They alo sent me a copy of the report that they received from UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA
      Bottom line CHEESE ENCHILADA #LOT Loi156B "BLD" below the limit of detection,

      The lower limit of detection for the R-Biopharm RIDASCREEN Fast Gladin is 10 parts per million (ppm) gluten. Amounts below this level cannot be reliably detected in this assay. The R-Biopharm RIDASCREEN FAST Gliadin is equally cross reactive with gliadin/ gluten for wheat, ryem and barley. One ppm is equal to one milligram of gluten per lilogram of sample product

      They go on to say IMPORTANT NOTICE:. If the possible source of allgeren contamination in your samples is from fermaentation, or consists of fermented or hydrolyzed materials, current methods cannot measures allergen levels appropriatelyinthese cases. This can result in a severe underestimate of the allergen content of your samples.

      In these special cases, a BLD reasing may be indicated but there still could be enough allergenic residues left over to be capable of causing and allergic reaction.

      NO responsability at all i would assume, on Amy's Kitchens part.

      What do you think ?
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    12. Rebecca47 added a post in a topic I Love Bananas   

      I also love bananas with a little lactose free milk and a little sugar. yummy or just a plain banana.
      I like apples only peeled ones. strawberrys with whip cream and maybe cheesecake from Philadelpia. with whip cream nightly for some reason ohhhh yaaaa
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    13. Rebecca47 added a post in a topic Update/ To Brother In A Heap   

      Sorry to hear about your brother, i will pray for you and your family
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    14. Rebecca47 added a post in a topic Pamela's Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix   

      I am going to do here brownings next yum !!!
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    15. Rebecca47 added a topic in Gluten-Free Foods, Products, Shopping & Medications   

      Pamela's Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix
      Ok I haven't had a cookie since Aug 2, 2006. Last night I baked pamela's choc chunk and there were so good I had my neighbor even try one and they said they were even better than regular cookies.

      Well I made myself some and told my son he could try them(he's 25) then I told him that I made him his own batch of the regular so i could have all of mine to myself.

      Well he laughed and said ok but I still am going to eat a couple of your because they are way to good and I should share

      So anyway i thought i would pass that on to all and the newbies don't wait as long as I for great cookies
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