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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic Need Chicken Wing Recipe   

      I do wings

      I dredge in spiced rice flour...fry them, coat them in sauce, then bake for another 20 minutes....then sauce again. DELICIOUS!

      I use rice flour, salt, pepper, red pepper. Then I shake the wings in that (in a large gallon plastic bag).

      THEN...fry in 375 degree oil for about 12 minutes

      Sauce is 1/3 cup butter 1/2 cup Franks Red Hot (which as of this typing is gluten free) mixed really really well.

      I lay in a single layer in a baking sheet and bake at about 350 for 20 minutes.

      Then out of the oven, redredged in sauce.

      NOW....depending on where you're from serve with Blue Cheese OR with Ranch dressing - IF YOU CHOOSE BLUE CHEESE you need to be really careful, some are molded by using bread....but not all....

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    2. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic Vinegar Substitutes   

      I can attest to this FIRST HAND!!!

      I had horrible heart burn all three times I was pregnant. HORRIBLE.

      My last one, we had a friend who was a naturopath. He recommended Braggs...take 1 tbs, chased with 8 oz water (do not dilute FIRST then drink...take the tablespoon, count to 5 and then drink the water).

      I took that at about 7 months (he told me at three but it took a few months for me to work up the nerve to try it!).

      Within an hour I had no heartburn. none. Not even a smidge.

      And it didn't return for 18 months.

      Now I do it every couple of months as a preventative measure, and I haven't had heartburn again!
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    3. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic Cheesecake gluten-free   

      To prevent cheesecake pan in a water bath (bain marie)....or place a separate pan of hot water in the oven while it's baking.

      Also, turn off the oven and let it cool IN THE OVEN.

      Cracks are caused by dry heat OR sudden shock in temperature change in the cake.

      JUST and fyi! Mine never crack any more due to doing the above.
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    4. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic Cheesecake gluten-free   

      WOW! I've never used flour in mine either!

      Well...the last time i made cheesecake, I used the Mi-Del Arrowroot Animal Crackers - I added some honey and cinnamon to make them taste more "grahm cracker' like. No one could tell the difference.

      But...I would search out a new recipe for Cheesecake b/c aside from the crust, flour would serve no purpose in it (it's a souffle, not a cake, technically).

      I hope you find one you enjoy - I have a great one I can post if one of the above isn't to your liking
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    5. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic Chipotle   

      I have 3 kids (8, 6 and 3)...we eat there maybe once a month.

      They have a "kids" menu...but basically will make ANYTHING based on the ingredients they use.

      My kids usually get the carnitas soft tacos (or crunchy, depending on mood). My eldest is brave enough for the guacamole - but it has a tendency to be on the spicy side.

      The restaurant is like most fast food on a tray type places (well...except for McD's, maybe!)....but there's places to sit, high chairs, etc....they are very accomodating!

      My husband always does the ordering, has the person behind the counter change gloves and do my order first (a bowl, almost always!). Then he has them cover it while they do the others (so that nothing slaps into it). In ours you work with one person for your whole order and the only thing they touch with gloved hands is cheese and lettuce...everything else is spooned. They are ALWAYS far I haven't gotten sick from them at all.

      I learned to make some of the stuff myself, though, because I could eat at Chipotle every day!!! I love thier carnitas!!! I'm still perfecting, but it's getting pretty darn close!

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    6. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic Land O Lakes Recipe Question   

      Please let us know how it turns out!

      I've tried a TON of recipes from Land O Lakes gluten free and they've been awesome...this is one I haven't tried yet!
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    7. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic Does Anyone Have A Good Cake Recipe   

      Ditto'ing this one!

      I add a couple tbs of vanilla pudding powder to the mix to give it more of the standard box mixed flavors!

      I've made this for gluten eaters who have had NO idea it was gluten free. And even my kids don't like cake now unless it's mine! LOL (they are not gluten free, only me!)
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    8. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic How Would You Make This Chocolate Cake Gluten Free?   

      This looks almost like the recipe for the sponge cake on the back of the potato starch flour I use...except they use all potato starch.

      Personally, I like the mix at Land O Lakes - (if you go to their website and type in gluten free flour blend it comes up). I use it in all my cakes and have phenomenal results.

      It's not healthy for you, mind you....but it's CAKE, right??? LOL

      Looks like a great recipe I might have to give a try too! MMMMM....
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    9. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic Rice Chex Is Now Gluten Free!   

      I SAW A BOX TODAY! It was $4 something in my regular store...I'm going to check out Wally World tomorrow and see if they have Rice Chex (mine isn't a superW, so don't know if they carry everything...they have a few groceries...but not all of them).

      I'm so excited that I dont have to pay $6 a box for cereal anymore!

      I'm curious why they don't make their corn ones gluten free just seems to make sense to me.
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    10. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic A Few Questions On Cooking And Baking (new To Board)   

      First...I am REALLY sorry that your family won't join you in your gluten free eating! How sad. Now...I have more time than you...and I homeschool I know all about the activites!

      I do cook gluten free for my whole family. I do allow them to have bread, cereal and waffles that aren't gluten-free...but I cook one meal for dinner and that is it. Don' t like it...don't eat. MEAN MOMMA!

      That in mind, I try REALLY hard to cook things that we ALL like. My one child was never hip on even that's a minimum.

      I make chili, tacos, carnitas (mexican pork), baked lasagna (tinkyada lasagna noodles). I try really hard to take some of the leftovers to freeze for on the quick meals. Stews and soups are great for on the go too.

      I'm kinda busy today - my husband just tore our kitchen to the floor boards yesterday! I can post a few recipes later that you could make in big batches and freeze single servings for yourself.
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    11. kbabe1968 added a topic in Gluten-Free Foods, Products, Shopping & Medications   

      Gluten Free Beauty Products...
      Okay...I was a nay-sayer before about how hair and skin care products couldn't gluten you...not anymore. and body care...and make up...what do you use?

      (I have the everyday minerals sample...I'm reacting to it...but I just read that whole other post on it - I'm wondering if I'm reacting to the brushes! My sister gave me a set of Bare Minerals brushes for Christmas...where do I get a good brush that won't cause hay allergies?).


      (oh...and I cannot afford A much as I'd LOVE to....I cannot).
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    12. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic How Do I Cook Something For 15-20 Guests?   

      Sounds yummy!
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    13. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic How Do I Cook Something For 15-20 Guests?   

      Hi there! Unless you know an "allergen" caterer I think you'd be better off doing the food yourself. I've done meals for more than that and it is really not hard.

      Think finger foods...

      Veggie tray with dip (there are some that are gluten free or you could make your own)
      Fruit Tray with dip
      Chips/tortilla chips with dips or salsas
      Big salad w/ variety of dressings
      Meal stuff could be:

      Chicken Salad
      Tuna Salad
      Egg Salad

      OR Meat and cheese tray

      Or you could go themed with the food and prep it all ahead so all you have to do is warm up the day of the party.

      I have some recipes I'd be more than happy to share.

      I've thrown a few showers in my day and even before being gluten free did all the food myself.

      YOU CAN DO IT!!!
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    14. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic You Call This Gravy?   

      I think the key with potato starch is that a little goes a LONG LONG way as far as thickening power.

      I've used it before, but a TON less than I would have used of another thickener and it's worked just fine.

      I would say (someone disagree if I'm wrong, of course), maybe 1/4 the amount you'd use of rice flour or corn starch.
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    15. kbabe1968 added a post in a topic Made The Nutella Brownies....   

      Is this the one I posted?

      Mine deflated too...but didn't change the taste! I'm not sure why they would be hard as a rock other than the egg sub? I don't know.

      As for the deflating, I have made them when I turned off the oven about 5 mins early and let them cool IN the oven....they did not deflate as much...but I had to be REALLY patient to eat them.

      I'm really sorry they didn't' work for you. I hate hearing when one of my recipes doesn't work for someone else .
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