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  1. I made the Brownies from Annelise Robert's cookbook: Baking Classics. They were delicious!
  2. These were my daughter's favorite cookies before she was diagnosed 6 weeks ago. I tried to recreate the Samoas for her like this. I made them as a bar cookie using a recipe for toffee bars. After baking the crust, I spread on a layer of melted chocolate. When the chocolate hardened, I melted some Kraft caramels with some evaporated milk and spread on top of the chocolate. I immediatedly sprinkled finely chopped toasted coconut on top of the caramel. I finished it off by drizzling a little bit of chocolate over the top. They don't taste exactly like Samoas but they are good!
  3. Wrap Recipe

    I've tried a Brown Rice Tortilla made by Food for Life. I bought them at Whole Foods. I warmed between wet paper towels in the microwave for about 20 seconds and then filled. I thought they were pretty good. We also tried the Don Pablo brand. Don't waste your money on those. They crumbled and tasted horrible!