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    We're a blended family w/6 kids, ages 5-21 (and the poster children for poor family planning, evidently!)<br>I'm an ER nurse<br>We're into the kid's sports (football, basketball) and family time
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I'm so sorry...I don't know how my tag line got added to the end of someone else's post! I'm new at this blog thing, too, and was just trying to add my 2cents worth. I agree it's probably a good idea to play it safe with any products we put on our bodies. I don't know if it coincidental or not, but even the smell of lotions and such with lemongrass makes me nauseated. (or I'm just a freak in addition to being a rude blogger!)
  3. [quote name='mytummyhurts' date='Jul 22 2005, 05:13 PM']I don't know if this reply is going to be e-mailed to you or not. I'm still getting used to this blog thing. I'm going to go gluten free on every product that may even possibly get near my mouth. I haven't had any skin issues yet. But I've seen some people on here who said that after they were gluten-free for a while they became sensitive to products that just go on the skin. The reason I'm going to make sure these are gluten free is because I've noticed many ways that things like lotions, makeup, etc can make it into my system. For example, I put my makeup on with my fingers and, while I do wash my hands afterwards, I find that some is left under my fingernails and then I bite my fingernails (I know, a nasty habit). Also, I use lotion many times throughout the day at work and notice myself a few minutes after applying eating things like grapes or some type of food that goes from hand to mouth. So, I just want to be cautious and make sure that I won't gluten in anyway at all. [/quote]
  4. Hi, and welcome! Oh, honey, it's all so new but you'll find your way. My suggestion to any new diagnosis is read everything and take bits of each and incorporate them into your own lifestyle. The health food stores and advertised gluten-free foods are a great start. Just keep an open mind and remind yourself ahead of time they probably won't taste like the "real" thing, and that different can still be good. I now eat probably 95% mainstream items, after careful scouring of the manufacturers ingredients and the approved list on this and other sites. It's less expensive, and less intrusive to me emotionally. I feel more "normal". What type of liver problems did you develop? My sister (+symtoms but -biopsies) has been in and out of liver failure, and I have been self diagnosing biliary stones or pancreatitis (as a nurse I should know better than to self diagnosis...especially since my ovarian cyst starts first grade next month!). Let me know about your symptoms. Again, keep up the good work and health (and congrats on the baby!)