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  1. "the Counter"? Anyone Eat There?

    I ate at one in Los Angeles and it was oustanding! Had no problems and went back the next day. I am looking forward to them making their way to the Midwest.
  2. My wife was looking for the Tyson breaded strips, but found ones from Perdue. They are labeled gluten free and were at Walmart.
  3. I also have that problem with deodorants. I used to use Almay, but it is hard to find in some places. I have recently started using Dove unscented deodorant and it works great. I have not had any itchiness or break outs.
  4. Da Luciano's is very good.
  5. Gluten Free Pizza In Bloomington Indiana!

    I drove over from Shelbyville last night after reading the post and the pizza was excellant. It is nice to only have an hour drive for some good gluten free food.