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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. Ken70 added a post in a topic How Do You Deal With The Fatigue?   

      I haven't posted here in a while but thought I might chime in. If you have only eliminated gluten then there are a host of other things that may be contributing to your fatigue. Some have been mentioned. I would suggest candida as a possibility. It's hard to test for it but I know how much it effects me. I would recommend a great book I just finished reading called the UltraMind Solution. It addresses all of the disorders that come from our diet/lifestyle and how they specifically effect the brain (this is where your fatigue most likely comes from not lack of nutrients in your cells although that may contribute).

      My only real advice is to try the Paleo Diet, The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, The Body Ecology Diet or any of those others might suggest. Gluten free alone is rarely enough. These diets will deal with many of the underlying issues that going gluten free won't.

      Good Luck
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    2. Ken70 added a post in a topic Where Do You Draw The Line?   

      Stay the course! Diet is not the only component of your recovery. Stress reduction, sunlight or vitamin D exposure, exercise until you sweat, and some more time. I would highly rec. sunlight. Vitamin D was the final part of my recovery.
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    3. Ken70 added a post in a topic Leaky Gut Causes Gluten Intolerance?   

      I personally didn't do the SCD but I did do my own version of it which was to eat only foods found in nature that you could eat in their near natural state. It, along with some other therapies, worked. I just had a bagel for breakfast because it's all I could find this morning. Is that a good choice for someone with the propensity to have gastro neuro issues - no probably not but am I well enough at this point to eat "regular" foods.

      There is NO way that the recommendations of the SCD diet can be considered controversial. If your doctor told you that then I would tell him he doesn't know what he is talking about. Bottom line is that if any of us want to get well you have to make the distinction between what is and what is not food. Check out An Eaters Manifesto by Michael Pollan for the definition of food. IF it can't be found in nature then you don't need it or want it. Hope this doesn't come off as confrontational.
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    4. Ken70 added a post in a topic Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)   

      Have you ever checked out ? He also helped fill in some gaps for me.

      Everywhere you look there are people with answers. Michael Pollan, Barry Sears, Dean Ornish and Robert Atkins not to mention the myriad of others like Gottschall, Gates and all of the other "fringe" people with opinions on how to cure cancer by adjusting the body's PH levels etc.

      The common denominator is that everyone is trying to get people to eat "food" again. By "food" I use Pollans definition which is essentially anything that exists in nature and can be eaten and digested in it's natural state. By definition this excludes grains but includes plants and animals. I call it the plants and animals diet to my friends.

      It's funny to watch Dean Ornish and Robert Atkins fighting on TV (before Atkins died of course) about their respective approaches to diet and weight loss. They are both right but not always right because it depends on the state of health of the person using that diet. People like Gottscahll and others go further to help explain why some do well on Ornish and some don't. I think that is what is at the heart of the problem with this debate - each of us is at a different state of health which makes it virtually impossible to study diet effectively.

      I've given up trying to figure out the perfect diet and I've resigned myself to just eat "food". That's not to say I've stopped studying. My focus is now on the immune system and how it works. If only I was this interested in studying things back in high school and college......
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    5. Ken70 added a post in a topic Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)   

      I finally bought Gottschall's book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle. It's terrific. Full of good, common sense advice and explanations with scientific references. I was expecting a low carb diet book so I never looked into this before. It has added another dimension to my understanding of the role our digestive system plays in our health.
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    6. Ken70 added a post in a topic Leaky Gut Causes Gluten Intolerance?   

      There is a one hour video at regarding vitmin D and the role it plays in hundreds of health problems. It is worth watching.

      You've gotten some good advice. A strict diet that includes some probitics and some light exercise (enough to sweat) and sunlight as well as a reduction in your stress levels are all factors I would consider in trying to recover. Probiotics alone or diet alone probably won't solve all of your issues. The best approach is probably a multi faceted one.

      Good luck

      PS - It took me six months and now I can eat what I want again but I never had permanent villi damage (celiac).
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    7. Ken70 added a post in a topic Help Please   

      I would keep him off milk, wheat and soy. You are not a bad parent if you don't give your kid a creamy white liquid to drink several times a day. I know from experience you will feel like one but rest assured you are not.

      Your child also needs enough sunshine and probiotics to begin the gut healing process. I gauge my children's health based on what's in the twins diapers and what's in the bowl for the older two. Sugar absolutely destroys my older twos poop. I think sugar causes inflammation in the gut but I can't be sure. It does it to both of them. It is remarkable what you can learn from poop though isn't it?

      Good luck.
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    8. Ken70 added a post in a topic Omg...i Might Be On To Something   

      Hey Rachel

      Thought this link might be interesting to you. It talks alot about detox pathways.
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    9. Ken70 added a post in a topic Gut Imbalance And Dysbiosis Behind Everything.   

      some more reading from NPR. check out related stories at the bottom of the page
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    10. Ken70 added a post in a topic Gut Imbalance And Dysbiosis Behind Everything.   

      Just read this. This is the first article I've read that put probiotics and sunlight together as treatment. Speaking from my own experience this is exactly what has worked for me.
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    11. Ken70 added a post in a topic Gut Imbalance And Dysbiosis Behind Everything. 

      I was listening to NPR yesterday and the Science Friday show. They were discussing bacteria and bleach. The human body apparently makes its own bleach. The science is interesting but I posted the link because there are several other stories on the site that discuss bacteria and illnesses. The other interesting story discusses "bad" bacteria like H Pylori actually helping to lower rates of asthma and other allergy symptoms by increasing the number of T cells.
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    12. Ken70 added a post in a topic Autism Related To Rainfall   

      I meant me leaning towards mold. So what toxins are we talking about that effect the child's brain and how or do we know? What is the method that mercury burdens the childs brain to the point he or she no longer functions normally or does the mercury suppress the immune system and other toxins effect the brain?
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    13. Ken70 added a post in a topic Autism Related To Rainfall   

      So why the relationship to rainy climates? I think we each tend to lean towards the thing we suffer from or know the most about as the cause. I would argue mycotoxins from mold are the determining factor but it would only be a guess. What we need is an economist like the guy that wrote Freakonomics to study these diseases. They make amazing conclusions from all sorts of data.

      Regarding genes...My cousin just had a cancerous growth removed from his colon. His mother told us "it's genetic". That little phrase makes me crazy. People actually believe that colon cancer is pre-determined and automatic if you have these "genes". I say BS. As you wrote above "genetic predisposition" is a better way of looking at it. Our genes alone don't give us these diseases (accept in the case of a genetic defect maybe) but they do make us succeptible to the things in our environments that do.
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    14. Ken70 added a topic in Other Food Intolerance and Leaky Gut Issues   

      Autism Related To Rainfall

      Some of the theories are interesting but there are a couple of simpler possible explanations. My gut tells me lack of sunlight (recognized in the article) and exposure to mold would be the likeliest culprits. At least the researchers are getting closer....maybe.
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    15. Ken70 added a post in a topic Gut Imbalance And Dysbiosis Behind Everything.   

      Off the side of the box it says " 100% vegan. no dairy, soy or gluten, non-GMO, chemical free, blister packed to ensure integrity. Refrigeration not required"

      try the chrons website to purchase it but there are several others.
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