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  1. Beans constipate me. I rarely eat them anymore. I am so tired of being constipated. I am vegan, gluten free and nightshade vegetable free. Beans sit in me like a rock. I'm guessing that my body likes to turn food into hard paste whenever possible. I think that the fluids are taken out of my body early during digestion making the beans not want to move along. Gladly I can now eat green vegetables without any problems. They used to sit in my like a rock before I went off of gluten. You may find the following article interesting. http://dogtorj.Lame Advertisement/id23.html
  2. How long did it take these symptoms to go away for you please?
  3. How long did it take for you to see a reduction in the edema? I self diagnosed myself with celiac disease 3 months ago. I believe that my legs are swollen. I'm so interested in finding out how long I might have to wait to see if that symptom will go away or not. Some of my other symptoms are greatly improving the longer I go without gluten. I am vegan as well so I hope that will help with my healing. Thanks