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  1. My Poor Son!

    I took both of my kids to the doctor the other day. I told her that my GI doctor highly suggested that I get them tested for Celiac since it is hereditary. I was thinking if either of my 2 boys were positive, it would be my youngest. My oldest son's tests were all within normal range. My youngest son's tests were: IGA 176 (Greater than 31 positive) IGG 107 (Greater than 31 positive) Endomysial titer 1:320 (Normal none detected to <1:10) TGG AB IGA 26.3 (Greater than 7 positive) Waiting to hear what the doctor suggests that we do. Not sure if they do the endoscopy/ biopsy for kids or not. Also not sure if he should have some basic labs done for a baseline. He will be 8 next month. I think this will be a struggle for me for a while... just thinking about having to make cold lunch everyday and being able to give him a variety seems like it will be difficult. Interested in any suggestions...Thanks!
  2. Oops..i Ate Mac & Cheese

    I know better, but I ate Mac and Cheese last night. Now I am paying for it!! Does anyone else have these uncontrollable urges?