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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. imhungry added a post in a topic What's With Coffee   

      I think I am having trouble with Hills Brothers, and Folgers Classic Roast is fine for me too! I just have to wonder if they are using a lower grade coffee bean and then spraying on the flavoring... I have to look up that source regarding it having gluten.

      Also, as far as the teas, I know that not all Celestial Seasonings brands are gluten free, and there are others that some of the teas are and some are not gluten free. The flour product keeps the tea leave pieces from clumping like in spices.

      Great idea on the mint leaves.... sounds tasty!

      Thank you - I can always count on accurate and good information here!
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    2. imhungry added a post in a topic What's With Coffee   

      I get a rumbly stomach at about 10:30 the earliest or so and I will not have eaten anything else. I like to drink tea but am having trouble with having a gluten free source in my town.

      As far as the spray and the coffee flavoring, I'll have to look that up in my huge binder again. I ran across that a while ago and honed in on that because I love coffee!
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    3. imhungry added a topic in Gluten-Free Foods, Products, Shopping & Medications   

      What's With Coffee
      I am having trouble with the regular, non-flavored coffees. Anyone else? I do know that they spray on the flavoring with gluten for the flavored coffees....
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    4. imhungry added a post in a topic This Week's Gluten Free Menu   

      THANK YOU! This is awesome. I think we all get in a cooking rut and this helps a lot.
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    5. imhungry added a post in a topic Gluten Free And Still Having Symptoms   

      I've been at this Gluten free, wheat free and Dairy free diet for about 10 months now, and I STILL have things creep in as I expand my diet. Gluten is hidden in EVERYTHING, and many things Inever expected it to be. Start writing down what you are eating, look for patterns, check the websites of the companies the food is from and look at their FAQ's or e-mail them about being gluten free. The food labelling laws are not on our side, i.e. potato chips can be made with flour sprinkled on them to keep them from sticking together while processing and because the flour is not an "ingredient" it does not have to be listed.... Spice is code for "probably has flour in it"...

      Any specific questions you have, shoot. We might have already asked the companies.
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    6. imhungry added a post in a topic Being Sick Is My Full Time Job!   

      My GERD, for which I was even evaluated for surgery for, went away once I stopped dairy products... something to think about...
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    7. imhungry added a post in a topic Quinoa Or Potato Vodka & A Nice Gesture   

      I recall reading to never buy anything from those bulk sections where the stuff pours out as one day it is anuts and the next day it is filled with flour... In addition the scopps are contaminated, and the bags perhaps. I just don't touch it at all.
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    8. imhungry added a post in a topic Being Sick Is My Full Time Job!   

      It DOES suck, it IS a full time job, it does stink when you go to a potluck or a luncheon places and you can't eat a thing or very little if you brought it and are the first to dish your serving out andpeople ask you why you are not eating more and you have to explain over and over and over again.

      I know how it is. Sounds like you are int he beginning of figuring this out at 2 months. Hang in there. Read everything you can on-line - I got tons of lists of safe foods, safe companies, safe restaurants, and peruse them as much as you can as you build your information bank in your brain.

      You are learning a completely new thing - how to manage a chronic disease correctly takes lots of time and energy which you don't have right now. Stick with the foods you know are okay, and then expand slowly from there... Take it slow.
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    9. imhungry added a post in a topic Tell Me Why Again Please.   

      "I have sooo much more variety in my diet now, than I ever had before going gluten-free. In fact, I had never even tried most of the things I enjoy now"

      I and my family have enjoyed the new foods. In addition, we were able to figure out that our daughter is also dairy intolerant like me as I became more sensitive to dietary issues. She is stonach-ache free and that is wonderful for her!

      I could not function and was really nearing being completely disabled due to how I felt. I could not do it anymore. I knew something was wrong, but not what for a long time.

      So I do it to not feel that way and so I can support my family - daddy is a stay at home dad, bless his heart!
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    10. imhungry added a post in a topic Food Obsession Anyone?   

      Here's my list: salty items including air popped popcorn and green olives (used to hate them!), Eggs - if from a farm can't stand the store bought ones anymore since gluten-free, Peanut butter whipped with chocolate from Peanut Butter and Company that I can have since it is dairy free, and rice, and quesadillas - when I can get the right kind of soy cheese.

      I was laughing as I read through this as we all seem to have gravitated to the same food types. Go figure!
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    11. imhungry added a topic in Gluten-Free Recipes - Baking & Cooking Tips   

      Gluten Free Jerky Recipe
      Anyone have a gluten free jerky recipe or a mix that is gluten free?
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    12. imhungry added a post in a topic What's The Deal With Ham?   

      I definately react to things made ont he same equipment, but am not entirely sure about things made in the same factory - I plan to do that experiment again in the future when feeling well.
      So it concerns me.
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    13. imhungry added a post in a topic China Travel   

      This is great to hear. I get exhausted thinking about what I have to go through when I do travel and it does keep me home. There is hope. Thank you for posting, and safe travels!
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    14. imhungry added a post in a topic If Gluten Free Works Why Be Diagnosed?   

      I am self-diagnosed and I am an RN... went in as I should, and they had no idea what the problem was and gave me some pills to help with the instestinal cramping. I went through the detection diet from - best $90 I spent in my life. I will not be glutening myself to get tested.

      I agree with the earlier comment - right doctor, right place, right time. That did not happen for me.
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    15. imhungry added a post in a topic What's The Deal With Ham?   

      Okay - it's the glaze. I didn't really care for it sweet anyways. The saltier the better! Alright then. I am set - thanks much!
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