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  1. Good for you Karen! They don't deserve it! I made sugar free peanut butter fudge a few days ago. Maybe they'd like that. Hard to figure their appetites for me. Here I thot it was only my posts they liked to gobble, but it seems they'll eat a lot of people's posts! Hmm, I had a gremlin revised count of 37 posts for the week a bit ago. I have done 4 posts in this topic itself and my post count is now 38 (for now). That math no addy up to me.
  2. I use both Firefox and Chrome at different times. If my original post was duplicated that is also another gotcha by the gremlins, as I didn't post it twice. Does anyone know what the gremlins like to eat? Maybe we should round up a collection and buy them some treats so they'll leave us alone. I know they like to eat posts. but maybe there is something else they would take as a substitute. Maybe old gluteny cinnamon bread we want to dispose of anyway? Thanks CL, nice to know I am not kuhraazee after all!
  3. Glad to see it's not just me. Seems we have some forum gremlins working overtime! Ok, this is odd too. Earlier today I had 6 post for the week. Now the post count shows I am at 38 posts for the week, just a few hours later. Several days ago I had 42 posts for the week. I am also seeing 2 separate listing of this thread's title in the recent topics list. One topic listing says there are 3 posts in the thread. The 2nd topic listing says there are 0 posts in the same thread. There's definitely a problem going on. Ok, great. Now it says I am at 5 posts for the week, just a few minutes later. It was 6 at one point today.
  4. Has anyone else noticed posts disappearing from the forum? I have noticed posts disappearing over the last week or 2. The last time was today. I wrote a reply to a thread with many long words and nice encouraging comments and gentle explanations only to have it disappear the same day in just a couple hours. It's not just the posts disappearing. The total post count at the bottom right of the page for the week will vary up and down also. So for example, one day your weekly post count says 10 and the next day it says 8. That ain't sposed ter happen Paw! I am using Firefox but that shouldn't cause it IMHO. Anyone else notice this happening?
  5. Hi cmc74, I wrote post to you earlier but it seems to have disappeared. You can ask your doctor to do the full celiac disease test panel, including the DGP IgA and DGP IgG now. They are very specific tests for gliaden antibodies. Often a doctor will do just the ttg IgA screening test, but there are more tests.
  6. Hi DancingQueenYCD, Yes, you should keep eating at least some gluten every day until all the celiac testing is finished. The University of Chicago Celiac center says about 1/2 slice of bread daily is adequate. You should get both the blood antibody tests done and an endoscopy. They are both part of the diagnosis. You don't need to be scared about having celiac disease. It does take some time to learn a new way of eating but it is a good change. You should end up eating better, more nutritious foods as a result. That's a good thing. And whatever damage you have should mostly heal over time if you are careful and avoid gluten. It may take months to years though. Generally speaking people have improved health after going gluten-free, although the symptoms don't stop right away. Welcome to the forum !
  7. Hi Kimbercup, The biopsy is a good thing to do . Hopefully they took 4 to 6 biopsy samples per current guidelines. In the meantime, do continue to eat gluten and see if the doctor will do a full celiac disease panel for you, not just the ttg IgA screening test. People with DH (dermatitis herpetiformis) can sometimes "fail" the blood antibody tests, even though they have celiac disease. So you want to get all the possible antibody tests, including the DGP IgA and DGP IgG. Yes, sometimes people have the DH rash but don't have severe digestive symptoms at first. The celiac genes are the celiac genes, how they affect different people is variable. But if you have DH, then you have celiac disease. You may want to read over the DH (dermatitis herpetiformis) subsection of the forum. If you like I can move your thread to that forum section. There is a Newbie 101 thread in the Coping With subsection that may have helpful info for you. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Hi KristinAnn, Your doctor told you wrong. You should not stop eating gluten until all testing is completed. It looks like you didn't have the DGP IgG and DGP IgA antibody tests. You could ask the doctor to run those tests also. They are newer tests and more specific. It may make you feel bad, but if you want to get accurate test results, you need to eat 1/2 slice of bread daily for 2 weeks before an endoscopy or 12 weeks before blood testing. Because you are only a couple weeks into eating gluten-free, you may still have positive tests results. But nobody can tell you for sure. Welcome to the forum KristinAnn!
  9. I agree Posterboy that nutrients are very important for our health. IMHO every newly diagnosed celiac should be tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. That makes sense because celiac disease damage can cause malabsorption. There is a ton of information on thyroid issues on the internet that is free. A little Google or Dogpile searching will turn it up. I have a little problem with the Dr. Myatt link though. This section makes no sense to me. **************************************************** The Gastric Acid Function Self-Test You can perform a gastric acid self-test at home using some betain HCL capsules taken with meals. If digestion improves - bingo! You’re hydrochloric acid deficient. If you did not have any digestive complaints but you don't feel anything with added HCL, it is highly likely that you have a stomach acid deficiency and would benefit from taking betain HCL with meals. **************************************************** This paragraph states that if you take betaine HCL and your symptoms improve then you have a low hydrocloric acid problem. It then states in the very next sentence that if you feel nothing then you also have a low stomach acid problem. That seems like a poor test if it means the same thing no matter what the outcome is. I call BS on that site! I don't doubt people can have low stomach acid issues. I think they are common especially in older people. And probably many people would benefit from taking betaine HCL. But I don't think they need a test kit to find that out as promoted by Dr. Myatt. He/she also doesn't even know how to spell betaine. Pretty poor for a page supposedly written by an pro on the subject. Selenium and iodine can be helpful for thyroid issues I believe. But people need to be aware they can overdose on them also. Too much of a good thing is just that, too much. Links from respected medical sources are a lot more believable IMHO. Sites that aren't selling anything are better. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!
  10. Here's a list of 14 food allergens that might be helpful. Eisonophilic esophagitis is another issue that might fit. It cause reactions in the throat to many foods.
  11. Hi James, The blood pressure problem I was talking about is intermittent, occasional and sudden low blood pressure. It may not be what you have, just a thought. My blood pressure was fine usually, but sometimes would drop very suddenly. It stopped doing that after a I quit eating soy. Food intolerances are not easy to test for doctors. They only have a couple of food intolerance tests that are really valid. A better way to test is to test your own body. Simplify your diet and keep track of everything you eat. Stop eating any processed foods. Reduce the number of foods you eat. It's basically a detective game, trying to figure out the problem foods. Nightshades are a whole group of foods that should be eliminated all at once. Nightshades are peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant. You can also eliminate all dairy. Soy is another food that causes problems for lots of people. Here isa list of foods that are common allergens for people. You could try eliminating all of those for a months and see if you get better.
  12. Hi Tyler, Welcome to the forum! Please stick around, read and ask questions, we like to help! I was in the Air Force, but didn't find out I had celiac disease until later. When I was in, (decades ago) there was no way to expect allergy safe diets that I know. It doesn't seem like the military is a safe place for celiacs to me. So I made it through the military, but there are plenty of other things I didn't do because of celiac and being sick and basically afraid to leave home. Ack-thppfft, it it what it is. Anyhow, maybe you could try something else? After you learn the gluten-free diet and spend some time healing that is. There's the Forest Service for instance, that might work better. The problem with the military is being deployed and not being able to control your diet. In the Forest Service you might be able to do that easier. But your first priority should be getting better, and learning how to eat gluten-free successfully. There's plenty to learn about celiac disease, and you really ought to concentrate on researching and getting smart about your new life-long condition. There is a Newbie 101 thread in the "Coping with" subsection that has some good info in it. Plus we are glad to answer questions and tell you wonderful stories about living with celiac disease. Recovery from celiac damage to the gut can take 6 months, a year, or longer. Your doctor should test you for nutrient deficiencies also, as some vitamins etc may be low. B-12 and vitamin D are a couple common ones to be low.
  13. Hi MommyBunny, Yes, if you have DH, then you have celiac disease. There is subsection of the forum for DH, where you can find helpful information on it. IMHO you should tell your relatives about your celiac disease as it is genetically tied in. Some of them may carry the genes for celiac disease also. The genes don't mean you will definitely get celiac disease, but mean you might get it. If you have little bunnies they should be tested for celiac disease every couple years or sooner if they show digestive symptoms. The trick to celiac disease is that digestive symptoms are not the norm. There are many more people walking around with celiac disease and no digestive symptoms than there are with digestive symptoms. Some people have no symptoms at all, and that is called silent celiac. So going by symptoms only can be deceiving. Welcome to the forum!
  14. Hi gigdeb, I've had cataract surgery in both eyes. I have one suggestion that might help you. When your doctor prepares your new lenses, ask them to make one for distance vision and make one for close up vision. That way you can see both close up and far away without glasses. If I had it to do over I would do that myself. As it is I can now see distance fine, but have to wear glasses up close. But at least I don't have to wear glasses for distance which is nice, as I wore glasses since a young age. My sister wears contacts and that's how her contacts are setup. She said she doesn't even notice the close up vs far distance issue because her mind automatically adjusts to seeing out of the appropriate eye/lens. Celiac disease can cause malabsorption of nutrients, which can cause issues for any part of the body. Your doctor should test you for nutrient deficiencies. Some of the common ones are B-12 and Vitamin D. There is a condition called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis that attacks the thyroid. It is associated with celiac disease. Here is a list of conditions with a higher than usual rate among celiacs: And welcome to the forum!
  15. I took mastic gum years ago for a stomach ulcer. I think I got it from Vitacost, probably their brand name product. They do a good job of labeling things gluten-free. For my ulcer it didn't help all that much. Maybe a small improvement temporarily.